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This Cave is found within the Forest of Tethir, which is reachable during the events in Chapter 6 of the Shadows of Amn.


The location of this area is in the southeast portion of the forest (marked on the player's "Automap", titled as "Cave").

On the map[]

  • No Automap Marker is provided inside the cave.

Gameplay walkthrough[]

A door can be found, somewhat camouflaged to blend in with the hillside it's mounted to.

Entering through the door leads to a limestone cave. It smells musty from the natural dampness as your eyes become accustom to the low-level illumination that softly emanates from phosphorescent fungi growing on rocky surfaces. Insects such as beetles, cockroaches, centipedes, along with various unknown types of bugs, scatter in front of you - fleeing from your entry.

A natural pool of fresh water is seen on the western side of the cave, with a constant drip of condensate falling from the cave ceiling. To the north of the cave is observed a break in the north wall, some kind of opening possibly leading to another cave chamber.

Explore further to the north and eventually you'll discover a group of various armed Kuo-toa creatures. The group is comprised of a Captain, Wizard, Warrior, a Priest and a couple of Whips.

Expect a chain of spell casts from the wizard, the whip will be invisible, the group will be manifesting a recurring True Seeing effect. The various creatures will likely be firing Kuo-toan Bolt missiles and or stabbing with their spears in melee range.

When the men-fish are put down, sort through their dropped loot and take what is desired.

Return to the first chamber and ensure the pool of water is searched. It's likely now that a second group of kuo-toa will be awaiting the party in the chamber. This group of kuo-toa include a Lieutenant, Monitor, Wizard, a Whip and two Warriors. Battle the gogglers and bring peace to this once quiet cave.


Mod content[]


Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Sword Coast Stratagems mod overhauls the scripts and creature design of the Kuo-toans in various moderate ways to make them more effective in battle, and smarter in a tactical sense. Spell casters do a better job of preparatory buffing and selecting appropriate targets for spells (that aren't immune or protected).