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Food is one of three servants found in Bodhi's Hideout, if you've decided to join up with Bodhi in your quest to find Imoen. Her name accurately describes her duties and her minimal dialogue reflects the Domination she appears to be under.


"Will you be dining in this eve, mistress? Should I prepare for two, mistress? Master Cohn does so enjoy when you allow him to join you, mistress."

1- You are the cook, I presume. Shall I come to you for meals as well?
2- Are there many people to feed here?
3- Are you well? You seem a touch out of sorts.
"I will be ready when you will it, mistress. Master Cohn is always punctual, mistress. Will Laune see to herself as usual, mistress?"
Note: Laune is another name for the female vampire Meredath