Foebane is a powerful upgrade-able bastard sword which inflicts extra damage against certain enemy types and has a signature drain HP on-hit ability.

Foebane +3 [edit | edit source]

Found on the first floor of Watcher's Keep.

Description[edit | edit source]

The archmage Demron created this powerful blade for Captain Fflar of Myth Drannor. When the elven city fell, the sword was lost beneath the rubble of the once-great metropolis.

Foebane +5 [edit | edit source]

The butler Cespenar requires Fflar's Scabbard and 5,000gp to upgrade Foebane +3 into Foebane +5.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Archmage Demron crafted this magical bastard sword for the Elven hero Fflar, Captain of Myth Drannor. The most powerful of six such enchanted blades Demron fashioned, Foebane can drain the very essence of life from its opponents with every blow, and bestow that life energy on the wielder. There are those who believe soul stealing capability has cursed the blade, for though fashioned as a weapon of right and justice, Foebane's dark history is one of murder and death.

Demron's own blood christened the blade, as a would be thief used the newly fashioned sword to bring about the Archmage's untimely death ? though the thief did not survive the encounter, either. In the aftermath of Demron's murder, Foebane was recovered and presented to the hero Fflar to use in the defense of Myth Drannor, greatest of the Elven cities.

Yet even the power of Foebane was not enough to withstand the dark hordes which overran Myth Drannor. When the elven city fell, Captain Fflar met a grisly, gruesome end and the sword itself was lost beneath the rubble of the once great metropolis.

Legend holds that Foebane's considerable powers are further augmented when the sword is reunited with the enchanted Scabbard of Fflar, its original owner.

Reunited with Fflar's Scabbard, Foebane is an even greater weapon than the legends claimed.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Classic editions states that it does bonus damage against all extra-planar beings, but it doesn't actually do extra damage against planetars and many extra-planar beings. Most extra-planar beings that appear in the game (such as elementals, genies/djinni, mephits, and githyanki) do not take extra damage from the sword. This is the case regardless of whichever version of the weapon you are using.Shadows of Amn LOGOSOA00001 Icon BG2EE.pngBaldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition – Shadows of Amn (2013)
    This icon indicates content from the Shadows of Amn campaign of the Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition.
    v1.3 specifies that the bonus damage applies to demons and devils instead of all extra-planar beings.
  • Throne of Bhaal LOGOTOB00001 Icon BG2EE.pngBaldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition – Throne of Bhaal (2013)
    This icon indicates content from the Throne of Bhaal campaign of the Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition.
     v2.5.16: due to a bug in Larloch's Minor Drain introduced in said patch, Foebane no longer heals its user. Hotfix can be found in this thread.
    • Fixed as of EE v2.6.

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