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Flaming Skull is a creature that will spawn when the Spirit Key is inserted in the southern pedestal in Watcher's Keep Final Seal. Three of these creatures will spawn along with Azamantes, a powerful Lich. They are hostile to you and are allied with Azamantes. You will also encounter them in Yaga-Shura's Lair, but with a different creature file. The Info box shows the Watcher's Keep version.

These disembodied skull forms move rapidly, even faster than a player with The Paws of the Cheetah will have. Although they appear to be flying above the party, they can be engaged in melee if one can get close enough. These skulls will dart and maneuver around the map and mostly attack at range. The creature has one Innate Ability Attack, and six fire based Wizard Spells it can cast. The creature does not run out of spells, they are forced launched or attempted to be cast. Thus, the Innate Ability can't be disrupted, but the Wizard Spells can be.

Differences between the Watcher's Keep and Yaga Shura's Lair Flaming Skulls:
HUSKU01.CRE Flaming Skull is worth 9,000 XP. It now has 127% Fire resistance (will be healed by Fire damage). This creature has ten memorized SPIN539.SPL "Magma Ball" attacks in the innate ability memory field. All other abilities are the same, as well as the AI script.


The Skulls are racially a Lich, and have basic Undead Immunities as provided by the undroppable Ring item RING95.ITM. See the link for immunities provided.

In addition to those immunities, the skull is completely fire immune with 100% Fire damage resistance. However, it is very vulnerable to Cold damage, taking extra damage from that effect. The skull is also partially protected from some Physical damage, but not Crushing damage.

See the info box for other special abilities, such as regeneration.

Innate attack ability[]

  • Upon death, the Flaming Skull automatically force launches its "Skull Explode" which is actually SPIN877.SPL "Explosion". The ability blasts a fireball radius animation dealing 20d10 +6 Fire damage centered on the skull. This fire damage bypasses Magic resistance and there is no Saving throw. It is categorized as "offensive damage" type, but the ability is schooless. The ability also ensures that the skull suffers a "chunked" death animation.


  • The skull will periodically launch fire-based spells at the nearest creature it can detect. This is somewhat randomized by the script. It will also apply and then after a set period reapply a Fireshield (Red) upon itself.
  • Their biggest threat will be the Incendiary Cloud which is randomly cast, and their dying explosion blast.
  • In an unmodified game these skulls are more a distraction and nuisance than an actual primary danger to the party, unless for some reason you are unable to protect your party from fire damage. Remember that these creatures are vulnerable to crushing damage, and also receive extra hit point loss from Cold damage.
  • They can also be slain via instant death effects from weapons such as the Mace of Disruption or Azuredge.

Mod content[]

Installation of the Sword Coast Stratagems Mod changes some aspects of the Flaming Skull creature - unless noted below, all other stats and immunizes are the same as the unmodified creature.

  • Skull is now experience level 20.
  • Hit Points are raised to 133.
  • Saving Throws 11/7/9//9/7.
  • Fire Resistance is increased to 127% (creature will be healed by fire damage).
  • Physical Damage Resistances raised to 75%, except crushing which is still 0%.
  • Creature has a permanent "Balor Aura", which is a persistant Fire Shield dealing 4d6 Fire Damage to the last attacker within 7 feet. Bypasses Magic Resistance. Aura is not a Combat Protection spell-type, so is unaffected by Breach, and Dispel Magic effects.
  • New default comprehensive SCS AI that improves targeting, conducts vulnerability assessments and selects attacks and defenses accordingly.
  • Upon death, the skull will initiate a SPIN564.SPL "Skull Trap" Explosion over self. Uses a "White Fireball" animation. 20d6 magic damage, save vs. spells to half. A level 3 spell power Necromancer/offensive damage type spell. Magic resistance can block. Will not harm "Lich" race.
  • Can self-cast Stoneskin.
  • Launches SPIN701.SPL "Unholy Fireball" as one of the primary attack methods. Every three rounds. No limit to these.
  • It has two other ranged spells it will use, SPIN539.SPL "Magma Ball" and Flame Arrow, and it has no limit to these.
  • It has one use of Incendiary Cloud.
Note: The Unholy Fireball deals 10d6 Fire and 10d6 Magical damage, with a save vs. Breath to half (-2 penalty). It is a level 7 spell power Invoker/Offensive Damage spell. Magic resistance can block it. It will not harm Undead creatures,