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For the version of the fortress in Baldur's Gate, see Flaming Fist Headquarters.

The Flaming Fist Headquarters is the home of the city's resident mercenaries / police in Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear.


Approaching the double doors, Gorion's Ward will witness the staggering exit of Paladin-turned-drunk Dauston. Speaking with him or his Flaming Fist Enforcer watcher may shed a small shard of enlightenment about Caelar Argent and her uncle, Aun Argent, before unceremoniously passing out.

Ground Floor[]

The interior of the headquarters serves as both barracks and jail. On duty are the officers Jenks and Fritz, watching over prisoners of which only Tiax and Dauston are notable.

Unlike previous visits, neither the second floor nor the basement are open.


Depending on the actions of Gorion's Ward in other parts of the city, the cells may also hold Aileen, Berahli, Garachen, Hastus, Lord Maxwell, Lord Therton, Lady Araya, and/or Ozil.