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Flaming Fist Battle Wizards are enforcers of the Flaming Fist and can be encountered in the regions at the Sword Coast that are under control of the city of Baldur's Gate.

They only appear if the party's reputation is below three, but will automatically attack then at certain points of the map. They are the spell casting support for a small troup that consists of a further three Flaming Fist Enforcers and one Flaming Fist Scout.

The battle wizards have also access to a number of priest spells and come with some typical fighter abilities, though they never will wield a weapon, only relying on their spell craft.



As a form of Cleric / Mage, Flaming Fist Battle Wizards have access to the following spells:

They also know Dire Charm, but haven't memorized it.



Flaming Fist Battle Wizards might appear – alongside other Bounty Hunters – at certain points in any location under the authority of the Flaming Fist if the party's reputation is below three.

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