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Flame Fan is an innate ability effect available to most Fire Mephit creatures in the game saga.


The spell effect is uninterruptable and takes almost no time to deploy. A projectile is launched at a single target in range, but it has an area of effect that can also apply the detrimental fire damage to any in the 120-degree horizontal arc in front of the caster.

Flame Fan

This ability burns the target, dealing 4 points of fire damage. There is no Saving Throw against this ability.

The Flame fan has a range of 4 feet, and then it has a further 5 feet fan of fiery flame using the same animation as a Burning Hands spell. This innate ability has a level 2 spell power and does not bypass magic resistance. A simple low level spell protection such as Minor Globe of Invulnerability or Minor Spell Deflection can stop it.