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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

This is a walkthrough for the Fishing for Trouble mod for Baldur's Gate II.


  • Lief Torman approaches you when you first enter the City Gates district of Athkatla, asking you to deliver a message to Elminster.
  • Travel to Trademeet, and talk to Elminster near the fountain. He marks "Porthpentyrch" on your world map.

Porthpentyrch [YS1000][]

Fishing for Trouble mod Porthpentyrch shore screenshot

the shoreline in Porthpentyrch

  • Travel to Porthpentyrch, and fight your way to the left side of the town. (The houses not mentioned below contain nothing of interest.)
  • Click the door of the lighthouse(750.650) to find out that it's locked.
  • OPTIONAL: In one of the houses(1900.2000), find and read the "Hand-written book" that mentions Daalin the Light.
  • In the tiny house(2200.1700), talk to Daalin to get the lighthouse key. Also take the pickhammer from here.
  • Talk to the demon on the fifth floor of the lighthouse.
  • Enter the cave where the river begins, and click the left wall (with the pickhammer in your inventory) to open a tunnel. Enter it.
  • Make your way towards the left side of the tunnel system, until an invisible teleport trap prevents you from getting closer to the two sarcophagi.
  • Return to the demon at the top of the lighthouse to ask for help with the teleport traps and learn about Ceinwen.


  • Travel to the "Govt. West" district of Athkatla, and talk to Ceinwen Ravenhair in her house(1700.850).
  • OPTIONAL: Side-quest "The Missing Nameboard"
    • Talk to Keldral in the Dragon's End Inn(2100.3200) in the "Govt. West" district.
    • Talk to Drosig (northwestern house).
    • Talk to Keldral (2000xp).
  • OPTIONAL: Side-quest "Elizabeth Pavaral's Flamedance Ring"
    • Talk to Elizabeth Pavaral on the 2nd floor of the Silverale Hall in the "Govt. West" district.
    • Talk to Oengus near Renal Bloodscalp inside Thieves Guild.
    • Talk to Lughaidh in another room inside Thieves Guild to get the ring and 1000xp.
    • Bring back the ring to Elizabeth to get 2000xp and 13 gold.
  • After 24+ hours have passed, return to Ceinwen's house to find it empty; Gaelie Trimthorn approaches you as you exit.
  • OPTIONAL: Side-quest "The Trimthorns"
    • When you meet Gaelie Trimthorn during the mod's main quest, she asks you to find her missing father, Kalun Trimthorn.
    • Travel to the Forest of Tethir, and talk to the lumberjack near the hut to learn where Kalun has gone.
    • Travel to the North Forest, and find Kalun in the top-left corner of the map. Defend him from the wolves attacking him. (3000xp)
    • Report back to Gaelie in Athkatla. (2000xp)
  • In the normal Government District, enter the Council of Six Building and bribe (4000 gold) the Cowled Wizard(650.500) to release Ceinwen.
  • Meet Ceinwen back in her home 1+ hour later to get the Vampire Bloodsucker sword.
  • In the Graveyard District, enter Bodhi's hideout in the Lower Tombs, and kill the child vampire (2000xp) in the coffin room(450.1500) using the Vampire Bloodsucker. You just have to hold the sword in your hands. If your version of the game don't allow killing a child (if no weapon works), cleric's turn undead will kill it. (I don't know the exact level needed but level 13 worked for me.)
  • Deliver the Vampire Bloodsucker sword back to Ceinwen.
  • After 24+ hours have passed, return to Ceinwen to get the Ghoul's Bed potion and its antidote.


  • Travel back to Porthpentyrch, and enter the tunnel system in the cave again. Make a savegame!
  • Using only you party leader: Drink the potion, loot the key from the sarcophagus(150.500), rejoin your party, and drink the antidote.
  • Return to the demon on the fifth floor of the lighthouse, to get Cerendor Hold marked on your worldmap. (If the demon does not recognize that you have the key, open console and type C:SetGlobal("dai_talkedtotanaari","GLOBAL",3) and then talk to the demon. )

Cerendor Hold [YS0360][]

  • Travel to Cerendor Hold, approach the castle, and ring the bell to lower the drawbridge.
  • On level 1 of the castle, talk to the Caravan Master and agree to meet him upstairs.
  • On level 2, talk to the Caravan Master again to get the prison key and learn what is going on.
  • On level 3, ask Earl Wultheof for permission to attack the red guards.
  • OPTIONAL: Side-quest "The Food Thief"
    • On level 3, talk to Countess Wultheof to get this side-quest.
    • On level 2, talk to the cook to learn that the thief was short and escaped to the roof.
    • On level 3, take the right exit to get to the castle's roof.
    • Enter the left tower on the roof, and go up the stairs to find the gnome Cado.
      If you scare him, he runs away, ending the quest. But if you calm him down, he asks you to kill the guards hunting him.
    • Tell Countess Wultheof what you found out (2000xp).
    • When you kill all the Red Guards and Red Wizards, tell Cado that it's safe to come down.
  • OPTIONAL: On level 1, go through the door(2100.1000) to the prison and free the prisoners.
  • On level 2, tell the Caravan Master to start the attack.
  • Kill all hostiles (Red Guards (50xp) and Red Wizards (500xp) ) on all levels.
  • On level 2, talk to the Caravan Master (he says that they have found Ailoth). Talk to Ailoth to learn about Garalial Geltarath.
  • Talk to the Caravan Master again to get Cloudpeak Mountains marked on your worldmap. (45000xp)

Cloudpeak Mountains [YS0370][]

  • OPTIONAL: Travel to Cloudpeak Mountains, kill all caravan members, and burn the Black Lotus in the bonfire. Mercenary guards (480xp) and Mordaran Rockfist (3500xp) carry no notable loot. Megred Darlesson (1000xp) drops Martial Staff+3. There are several undead in the cave near caravan.


  • OPTIONAL: Travel to the Docks district of Athkatla, and confront Maredudd Bengoch(2100.3300) on the round platform at the bottom of the map to either kill him (10000xp for the decision + 11x1000xp for killing his group) or send him to prison. Red guards have good equipment (Bastard sword+2, Composite longbow+1, Arrows+2, Medium shield+2, Full plate+1, Potion of invulnerability). Maredudd Bengoch drops Mail of the dead+2, Varscona, Hands of Takkok, Guard's ring+2, Shield of the falling stars.
  • In the "Govt. West" district, enter the house in the bottom-right corner, and talk to Garalial Geltarath and Angharad Firehair to get the key to the Dwarf-king's Halls.


  • Travel back to Porthpentyrch, enter the cave again, and click the north wall (with Angharad's key in your inventory) to open a new door. Enter the maze.
  • Make your way to the stairs in the top-right corner, but you are teleported back to the entrance.
  • Make your way to top-left corner again (it's more difficult now), and deal with the Death Knight Lord (8000xp) and two Death Knight Guardians (8000xp each) there.
  • Go up the stairs, and get the mausoleum key from Meilir of Meilirion (peacefully or violently). Meilir drops Gift of peace, Mythral field plate +2, Medium shield +1 and Battle axe of Mauletar +2. You get 3x2000xp for defeating him.
  • Enter the mausoleum behind Meilir, and loot the Orb of Breaca from the sarcophagus.


  • Travel to the "Govt. West" district of Athkatla, and deliver the orb to Angharad Firehair in Garalial's house. (10000xp)
  • Talk to Garalial Geltarath again, and he tasks you with finding Eildaren Colver.
  • Enter the Silverale Hall (reachable via the north exit of the "Govt. West" district), and go up the stairs to the third floor to find it empty.
  • Talk to the barkeeper Hansol Ynnilross on the ground floor, to learn that Eildaren has fallen sick.
  • Return to "Govt. West", and inside Eldath's Enclave(1900.2800), talk to the priest Gibri'al Meltarm.
  • Bring the news to Garalial Geltarath in his house, and agree to help.
  • Enter Eldath's Enclave again, and talk to Garalial on the top floor to learn about the Tiger's Eye plant.
  • Enter Tigernach's house(1100.1300), and ask Tigernach mic Muirgheas for the Glass Dagger. Colla sells scrolls.
  • Enter Eldath's Enclave again, and ask Garalial to teleport you to Imradim.


  • OPTIONAL: Side-quest "Kill Akil"
    • Talk to Levon in the large house in the top-right corner of Imradim.
    • Talk to Akil in the cave.
    • If you side with Akil, you shame Levon and then they both disappear. (You get no xp because of some error)
    • If you kill Akil (130xp, Two-handed sword +3, Studded Leather armor +2, Bracers AC3) and his bandits (30xp, Bracers AC3) you get 2000 gold from Levon. (2000xp) You can then kill Levon (250xp, 1 gold and quarterstaff) with no reputation penalty (he's not hostile until his death).
  • OPTIONAL: Bride-price negotiation
    • Talk to Karim on the roof of the Water's Edge tavern.
    • Talk to Mukhtar in the southernmost tent.
    • Tell Karim to wait one year because they are too young. (6000xp)
  • OPTIONAL: Assassination attempt
    • Talk to Firdos in the purple tent, using your protagonist as the speaking party member. He reveals that Irenicus sent him to assassinate you, and attacks. Kill him. (1000xp)
  • There is a small room near the main entrance to Water's Edge. You can find Bronze ioun stone (+1 7th level wizard spell) here.
  • After visiting observatory and talking to Jalil, his wife Basimah sells priest stuff.
  • Talk to Aiesha on the 2nd floor of her home (it's marked on the map), and she asks you to get Souls of the Dead.
  • Talk to Gadil the Artificer in his home to get a cup and instructions.
  • Click the stone formation(450.2600) outdoors, to fill up the cup with "Souls of the Dead".
  • Return to Aiesha, who directs you to the cave (which was locked before now) and gives you another fetch quest.
  • Talk to Gadil & his wife to get the robe, and deliver it to Aiesha who rewards you with some more advice (to ask Cave guardian for his hand).
  • Enter the cave (on the top-left ledge, above the waterfall, reachable via the roof of Gadil's home). (If you still can't enter that cave, you can use ctrl+j to reach an entrance above the waterfall. It's unreachable without cheats)
  • Defeat some undead without notable loot. There are 5 Carrion crawlers in the second cave. The smallest cave is guarded by Cave guardian.
  • If you ask him the wrong question or make him mad, he'll summon two more guardians. You kill them (3000xp, 2500xp, 2500xp).
  • If you ask him the right question, you get 2x3000xp+6000xp (the most xp). If you ask him to guard forever, you get 2x3000xp.
  • You can safely pick the flower near the biggest stone.
  • If you are finished with Imradim, use the portal to come back to Garalial's house.


  • Give the flower to Garalial and wait for one day. (10000xp)
  • Garalial and his two sisters are ready at Eldath's enclave. You learn why he is no longer a Harper. They depart for Porthpentyrch and you must wait for seven days before going there.

Porthpentyrch, restored [YS1001][]

  • Porthpentyrch is now populated with people. There are two stores with discounts.
  • Enter Blue harpy inn and talk to Garalial. (30000xp)
  • DO NOT!!! enter the cave anymore because that will make the village unrestored again without a way to fix it this time (bug).


  • Enter Den of the seven vales and talk with Elminster. (40000xp)