Firkraag is a red dragon who bears a grudge against Gorion and, by extension, his ward.

Firkraag is known for his trickery and deceptions, he's disguised as Lord Jierdan, looking for "help" in the Copper Coronet, he's then responsible for the deaths of many Radiant Heart members, who are disillusioned as monsters and slain, should the Ward accept his commission and journey to the Windspear Hills.



Note: More items are affected, but those aren't normally available at this point of the game.
  • His physical attacks with Dragon Claws inflict 1d12+12 slashing damage at a speed of 3 and with 1 ft range.
  • Dragon Fear: THAC0 +2 penalty, panic for 1 turn in 16ft radius (bypass MR, save vs. Spell at -4 neg).
  • Lower Fire Resistance: -50% fire resist for 36secs in 16ft radius (bypass MR, save vs. Spell at -3 neg).
  • Wing Buffet: within 16ft radius blow away for 2 secs (bypass MR, no save), 12 crushing dmg (bypass MR, no save), sleep for 3 secs ( (bypass MR, save vs. Spell at -10 neg); Zone of Sweet Air.
  • Red Dragon Breath: 7.5ft radius.
  • As Firkraag typically begins the battle by casting Remove Magic on any nearby party member with buffs, a useful strategy is to approach him with only one party member, following up with the rest of the party after Remove Magic is used. This allows up to five fully buffed party members to engage the dragon, making the fight substantially easier.


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