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Firebead's Scroll, also known as Firebead's scroll of identify,[1] is a side quest during the Prologue of Baldur's Gate.

Firebead Elvenhair, an old mage who makes the occasional visit here from Beregost, has left an identify scroll with Tethtoril, in the inner grounds. I swear, without me to run its endless errands, this keep would crumble into the very dust from which it sprang.

— Journal: Firebead's Scroll[2]


Firebead Elvenhair (Prologue) BG1EE

When speaking to the old mage at the Candlekeep Inn's fireplace, he not only recognizes Gorion's Ward from earlier visits to the keep and mentions the hazardousness of this trip from Beregost due to the iron crisis, Firebead also asks to fetch him the identify scroll he left with Tethtoril for examination.[3]

Note: Addressing him now another twenty-nine times won't break anything but yield 300gp – just because.

Tethtoril can be found constantly wandering on the inner grounds around the citadel, taking the stone path, counterclockwise. He already knows that Firebead has asked for the scroll – which he hands over – but he also reminds the Ward that Gorion's still waiting.

I retrieved the scroll from Tethtoril. I should probably head back to the Inn and return it to Firebead.

— Journal[4]

Note: Just in case, the mage will take all Identify scrolls from party inventory that have not been (temporarily) dropped before speaking to him again.

Returning the identify scroll to Firebead Elvenhair yields experience, a Potion of Healing and a temporary Protection From Evil, along with some words about the Ward's warmth.

Old Firebead was grateful for my help. He cast a spell on me and said it would protect me from any evil I might meet tonight... I don't know what's out there beyond these walls but I guess I'll find out soon enough.

— Journal: Firebead's Scroll (Finished)[5]



  • The identify scroll Tethtoril's carrying around can as well be pickpocketed(50) from him. Thus, if a thievish Ward has visited the inner grounds before entering the inn and speaking to Elvenhair, they could solve the quest without leaving inbetween. On the other hand, being robbed off that scroll won't alter Tethtoril's dialogue lines if the quest is done as intended – he simply "thinks" he hands over a scroll that he hasn't anymore, and the related journal entry is created (no additional scroll, though).


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