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Fireball (innate) is an innate ability providing a near instantaneous launched Fireball spell projectile available to some demon creatures in BG2.

Sometimes in the scripts this spell is identified as "DEATHKNIGHT FIREBALL". It is typically launched with the ForceSpell command line.

Depending on the demon, this innate ability may be initiated by script during battle at various intervals. The spell will be targeted on enemies nearby the demon or if observed in detection range. The fireball effect is similar to the 3rd level mage spell, however it has the potential to inflict twice the damage of the mundane variety.

Mod Content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Installation of the Sword Coast Stratagems and or Spell Revisions Mod changes the scripts of demons, and no longer uses this innate spell, but furnishes a mod-only SPIN136.spl "Unholy Fireball" in lieu of this version. The Unholy Fireball is a different fireball and will be more effective with less chances of being resisted - representing the fiendish power of their infernal magic. The Fireball "innate" spell title is also changed to "Unholy Fireball" with these mods.

Note:The Unholy Fireball is an instantly cast Level 7 spell (Invoker School Offensive Damage Type). It inflicts 10d6 Fire damage and 10d6 Magical damage. A saving throw vs. Breath with a -2 penalty will half the damage. It does not bypass magic resistance, but will exceed the protection limits of a Globe of Invulnerability.

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