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Fire Trolls are a troll race creature, similar to but not to be mistaken for a standard troll, found in various locations associated with the fiery areas of Yaga-Shura's Keep and environs. These trolls have a darker brown coloring animation than the greenish colored trolls found elsewhere.

They have an innate always on ability to see invisible creatures. This ability cannot be dispelled or removed.

These creatures strike with long sinewy limbs and sharp piercing claws that hit as +2 enchanted items and inflict 2d6+10 piercing damage, which is also modified by their above average strength. Any hit will inflict an extra 2d4 fire damage as well.

These trolls regenerate damage at 3 HP per second. Upon being damaged to zero or less hit points, there is a brief span of time to permanently kill the creature with either cold or acid damage, or the beast will rise again. Unlike most trolls, fire damage will not hurt or permanently kill the creature.


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