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Fire Salamanders are a species of extraplanar reptilian humanoids that resemble red-skinned humans with horns from the waist up and giant, red-scaled serpents from the waist down. They hail from the Elemental Plane of Fire.


Fire Salamanders are rarely encountered except in a few areas:



These creatures are exclusively weapon combat range attackers wielding two-handed spears. They will attempt to close distance and engage in melee combat with enemies. Their weapon is enchanted to +2, and upon a successful strike will deliver the usual piercing damage from a heavy spear and an extra 2d8 elemental fire damage. This extra damage is unaffected by magic resistance and Power level protections.

Note that Salamanders in general have similar immunities to status effects and certain damage as would an Undead creature. See the info box for a summary.


BUG BUG: The unmodified Fire Salamander has incorrectly assigned values for Magical Cold and Magical Fire resistance fields.

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Sword Coast Stratagems makes minor revisions to this creature. It provides an SCS default tactical combat script for smarter decision making, threat recognition and targeting. The Spear proficiency is boosted to 3 pips, and 2 pips in two-handed weapon fighting style is assigned. This will result in a better THAC0, damage, speed factor and critical hit chance. Immunity to Web and Entangle effects is provided, including their overlay animations. The elemental resistances are changed to only provide 100% Fire Resistance.