Baldur's Gate Wiki

This area is technically part of Spellhold.

Note:This area may never be encountered, and is entirely "missable", as it can only be experienced based on the party's dialogue responses during the various tests to leave Spellhold.

This area will be a location that the party is transferred to by the asylum Apparition, depending on how the party answered certain questions as part of the tests necessary to leave Spellhold. Dialogue options and subsequent responses from the party will determine if this particular area is presented as an additional test.


The party is transported to this area, to face a hostile group of fire-based creatures in battle, for the purpose of further testing of resolve and thought clarity.

The mephits will notice the party first if any members are in detection range. Expect some quick firing innate spells to launch from these creatures. Further back is a salamander and two lesser fire elementals.

If the creatures are defeated, the Apparition makes another appearance at the far eastern end of the room. Only he will speak, and party has no interjections or dialogue choice. He'll make some remarks:

"Amongst the strangest of environments, you appear quite sane. I begin to question the point of the tasks. I can only do as directed, and you shall be judged accordingly, but I begin to wonder how the builders would fare in their own evaluations. There is no point to my musings; I can act only as directed. Should the directors return, I will have words for them. For now, judgment."

Soon after, the party is transported to the Final Judgement Spellhold Test area.