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This Fire Giant is the Guardian of Fire created by the long-deceased Fire Elementalist mage. It is found near the fire pit in the fire elementalist laboratory.


The creature will not stray far from the laboratory.

The creature is highly protected and has many defenses bestowed, gaining invulnerability to death from damage and most death magic as long as the fire pit's powers are intact.

The special Ring it wears ensures its survival, even from many vicious and heavy blows.

It seems that the fire pit has a connection with the Elemental Plane of Fire, and continuously spawns Greater Fire Elemental allies. These fiery cohorts are somehow responsible for the guardian's ability to remain alive and viable, despite being hurt.

If the party has obtained the Ice Library Note, then the secret methodology to actually overcome this fire guardian is given in the text.

The Fire Giant is a relatively slow and ponderous foe, and its melee attack can inflict some heavy damage. Fighting the creature within the fire laboratory is dangerous, as the fire pit can cause thermal heat damage to those nearby via Flame Arrow attacks. It is best to face this creature when the problem with the Greater Fire Elementals has been addressed as described in the Ice Library Note.

If the party is able to follow the advice on the note, the creature's enchanted ring is removed, and it becomes vulnerable to being destroyed. The InfoBox gives the creature's stats when the special ring has been removed.

When the fire guardian is finally dispatched, recover the Fire Scepter and the Helm of the Rock from the fallen body.