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This is part of the main quest for Baldur's Gate II Chapter 7: Part 2.

In fact, it is the only quest presented in the final part of the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn.


When the party first is transported to and awakens in the The Abyss area, the player's Journal gets an update under Chapter 7: Part 2.

Following this event is a brand-new Journal entry which registers under the title "Finding Irenicus in Hell". The entry reads:

Finding Irenicus in Hell:
Irenicus's death did not have the same effect as Bodhi's did, and my soul has not returned to me. Perhaps it was because of the power he gathered from the Tree of Life, or because Bodhi was undead.
Regardless, Irenicus has fallen, dragging both my soul and me inexorably behind. And such was the power that my party members that had fallen or were near death were drawn with us as well!
Together we are in Hell, and I am certain Irenicus is near.
Somehow, through all of this, I feel I must find him and battle him once and for all to get my soul back."

Walkthrough (Abbreviated)[]

Once the party has had a time to get its wits back, it could for instance try to camp and rest in this horrid place. It turns out that it is possible if desired. Aside from the strange sounds often audible or imagined (sounds of anguish? Horror? Despair?) a well-deserved period of inactivity is appreciated. It should provide time to reflect on the challenge ahead, to reform a spell book, perhaps to eat and drink any rations brought along.

The next step isn't clear to try and find Irenicus. A reconnaissance of the terrain indicates a strange statue in the center, some sort of runes or cryptic markings on the floor, and five staircases descending into the depths. Most noteworthy is a macabre Abyssal Door, sealed shut, with five "eyes" mounted around it. Closer examination of the door displays a text:

Five eyes surround this hellish door, as if part of the very stone itself. The eyes follow you as you move, and a palpable aura of evil emanates from them. They guard this door, and if you wish to pass through, you must find some way of bypassing their guard.

With little else to try, select a staircase to descend when prepared to do so. The whole party must travel as a team, and none can be separated.

As it doesn't matter which stairs are selected or what order they are explored, this page is going to review them in a clockwise fashion (as if the party were facing the Abyssal door and first explored the stairs to their right (East), and then the next one, and so forth).

Note: For clarification purposes, the player's first visit to any of the Tears of Bhaal test areas trigger introductory dialogue to help explain what is going on with the purpose of the tests. Each fiend has this dialogue coded for use - so no matter which area is selected to visit first, the introduction plot elements will be presented. Once the party has obtained one of the Tears, then any subsequent fiend dialogue conversations won't repeat the introduction dialogue elements.

Descend the stairs below - Test of Pride[]

Hell Enter Pride

The steps below lead to the Pride (Abyss) area, although the party wouldn't know this.

Transition down the steps to whatever awaits the party at the bottom.

A moment after they enter this new area, the party observes a hellish cavern.

HellL Pride 1

Just ahead is the figure of some sort of fiend, a demon labelled as Pride will initiate a strange greeting.

The demon says:

Ahhh... so you have come to us at last, child of Bhaal. You have come to claim your heritage, perhaps? And in pieces, no less. Tsk tsk tsk... how terrible it must be to die in such a state.

The bhaalspawn may now reply and ask questions, about what it means about being in pieces, holding sway here, your heritage, and what are the Tears of Bhaal. The demon will answer each question. Eventually the fiend explains what must be done to obtain one of those Tears, it remarks:

It is a good thing you have come to me, child of Bhaal. Only you hold the power to vanquish the terrible creature that holds one of your dead father's Tears here. I have heard of your prowess, child... most impressive, for a mortal life. Creatures of great power thrown aside as if they were nothing! Beings any other mortal would quake before you have fought against valiantly! You are a wonder of destruction, child of Bhaal! Go, then, and defeat the creature that lies in the cavern! Crush it beneath your heel and claim another victory!

So, obviously, the demon wishes you to have pride in your reputation as a vanquisher of all that oppose you, and just go seize the Tear of Bhaal from the creature.

Through dialogue selection this can be easily done, in fact two replies will send the bhaalspawn down the "evil path". When hearing that choice the demon will say:

Excellent! Go forth, strong one... go into the cavern and strike a blow for your destiny! Take the Tear whether the creature likes it or not!, and with that the demons departs the area in a flash of brimstone - never to be seen again.

On the other hand, not agreeing to just slay the creature without finding out more, such as asking what kind of creature it is, and why does the creature have to be killed, or could you just ask the creature for the Tear and that sort of direction - this is the "good" path. Eventually, the demon will end this test and say:

I see that despite your great deeds, you have no pride in you, child of Bhaal. So be it. Humility serves well those who wield it well. - the demon departs the map and is gone.
HELL SCS Dragon 1

Taking the evil path requires slaying the creature, a Black Dragon. Defeating this creature allows looting it's corpse for the Tear of bhaal and other treasures as described on the dragon's creature article. With the Tear in the inventory, the party is now allowed to leave this area and ascend the steps back to the starting section.

Taking the good path requires that a party member speak with the dragon, which will acknowledge that you have mastered your pride, and wishes you well, and voluntarily gives the Tear of Bhaal. The dragon disappears in a cascade of flaming magical power forever. The screen fades to black, and then the party may now leave the area and return upstairs.

If the party wants to forego speaking with the dragon and asking for the tear, instead attack the dragon and see if it can be had by force. Although the dragon doesn't say anything or even turn hostile (red circle) - it still fights back (blue circle). When it is defeated, the dragon's corpse provides a Tear, and 100 gold coins. The dragon awards its XP for being killed. The party may leave this area now.

Return to the starting area - use a Tear of Bhaal[]

With one of the required Tears of Bhaal in your possession, the party could try to experiment what it can do or wait until later and go after more of these tears.

Just to illustrate the process of "using" one of the Tears, the bhaalspawn (it has to done by the protagonist) must have the Tear in inventory - and approach the Abyssal Door.

When close enough, the player's cursor will show a golden circle allowing interaction (clicking) when it is hovered/positioned over one of the door's "eyes".

Clicking/selecting the eye will show a flash of animated magic and bring up some text, reading:

You take a Tear of Bhaal from your pack and place it in an eye. The eye closes and guards the door no longer.

Depending on what tear it is and from what Test it was derived from, as well as whether the test was completed in the "good" or "evil" way - determines the next text messages displayed.

Hell Tear Evil Pride Reward

The message will display what the Tear granted Gorion's Ward in terms of a new ability or power. This may also include a final message that could say "Alignment Change" and the new alignment the bhaalspawn is now assigned, such as going from Neutral Good to Neutral Evil.

When one of the Tears of Bhaal is used, the Abyssal Door image is changed, and shows that one of the "eyes" is now closed.

Descend the stairs below - Test of Fear[]

Hell Enter Fear

When ready, the party descends a long set of stairs leading below to another destination, as yet unknown.

This is the second area if visiting these places in a clockwise fashion, with the Test of Pride having been the first.

The party transitions to the Test of Fear area, entering bizarre cavern.

Directly ahead is observed yet another demon awaiting the party's arrival.

Hell Entered Fear 1

The fiend initiates a greeting - perhaps saying the following:

A Tear of Bhaal lies very close to here, child of Bhaal... just beyond either of these two rooms before you. You have encountered many times in your existence where you have been forced to swallow your fear, no? You have fought off terror that would overwhelm a lesser being and shown courage instead. Pass through either of these rooms, and your vaunted courage shall be challenged, child of Bhaal. I have something I will offer, however, which will make it so much easier for you, child. You know, like so many with power, that items of magic can do much that the ordinary man cannot...

The demon continues:

...such as this cloak, for instance. Stitched together from the flayed skins of lovely nymphs. Wear it and be soothed by its powerful magic... panic will never overcome you again. With this cloak, you could easily gather the Tear of Bhaal and worry not of your courage. I bow to the power of your divine soul, child, and offer this cloak up to you... if you wish it.

At this juncture the bhaalspawn must make a dialogue choice reply. There are four reply selections offered:

- A cloak stitched from the skin of nymphs? I can feel its evil from here. I wish nothing to do with it, despite its power.

- I do not need a cloak to give me courage, fiend. Take it and begone.

- I am not sure. Let me investigate these rooms myself, and I will decide then if I need it.

- A magical cloak? Of course I'll take it.

Make a selection. If the bhaalspawn rebuffs the offered cloak, the demon will reply:

Then you choose to rely on your own power and bravery. It shall be as you wish, child of Bhaal.

The demon departs the area in a flash of magic. This decision is the "good" path in this test. A Journal entry will register:

Finding Irenicus in Hell
I encountered a demon who seemed to perform some kind of test of character. It explained that there are two paths to a Tear of Bhaal... and both are paths of fear. It offered me a vile cloak of nymph's skin to protect me from the fear, saying the path would be easier, but I refused.

If the bhaalspawn accepts the cloak, the demon says:

Then your courage shall stem from the power of the magic you wear. It shall be as you say, child of Bhaal. Here it be... the Tear lies beyond.

The fiend departs the area with a magical animation effect, and the Cloak of Bravery is placed in the PC's inventory. You have now decided to take the "evil' path in this test. A Journal entry is registered:

Finding Irenicus in Hell
I encountered a demon that seemed to perform some sort of test of character. It explained that there are two paths to a Tear of Bhaal... and both are paths of fear. It offered me a cloak of nymph's skin to protect me from the fear, saying the path would be easier, and I have accepted it. Now I shall have to see whether the demon lies or not.

If the bhaalspawn wants to investigate the area before committing to an answer about the cloak, the demon will say:

Of course. I shall remain to give you the cloak of skins, should you desire it... unless you acquire the Tear on your own, of course. I am only here to offer my help.

If later the bhaalspawn decides to speak with the demon again, it will reply:

You are here to take another look, child? A finely crafted cloak this is... made of the skin of lovely nymphs... and imbued magic, enough to calm even the most panicked heart. Do you wish it?

Here is another chance to accept the cloak or refuse it.

Now, whether the bhaalspawn took the cloak, refused it or just didn't decide one way or another - the Tear of Bhaal in this area is obtainable to the party if they can locate it.

Hell Fear 3

The cavern here is split into two rooms, although connected by passageways. One side is inhabited by Three Elder Orb and two Gauth monsters, which will be hostile when they detect a party member.

On the other half of the cavern is positioned an obvious sea-trunk or treasure chest. This container cannot be forced open, but it can be lockpicked with sufficient skill. If the trap on it isn't disarmed before it is opened, the room will be flooded with an Incendiary Cloud. Within are some potions for the taking.

Very close to the chest and stretching across this part of the cavern is a hidden proximity trigger that will expose any nearby party member to a potent Panic status effect (Ref: SPIN772.spl). There is no saving throw, it bypasses magic resistance and Spell Protections such as a Globe of Invulnerability. An item or spell that makes one immune to the effect will provide protection, such as the Cloak the demon can provide, or a Remove Fear spell. By this stage of the game, the party probably has multiple ways of protecting against fear.

If a party member(s) is affected by this potent fear effect, then the member will be uncontrollable and randomly run about the area - possibly moving into the Elder Orb side of the cavern and getting attacked. The duration of the fear effect is quite short, but perhaps long enough to get into some trouble. It cannot be dispelled but could be countered with appropriate magic that removes fear/horror/panic.

If at any point the party obtains the tear of Bhaal in this area, the demon will disappear from the map, if it hadn't already left beforehand. There is no requirement to ever face the Elder Orbs and gauths in this area unless desired, although it may be a bit tricky in terms of party member positioning and maneuver on the map to avoid them.

For the location of the tear, see the Fear (Abyss) area article. This should prevent a "Spoiler" should the player want to find it on their own without being shown ahead of gameplay.

When the Tear of Bhaal is found, a text message displays:

You have faced your fear without resorting to the protection and power of evil. The Tear of Bhaal is yours.

Or if the player has the Cloak, then the text differs:

With the cloak given by the demon, you feel no fear and are able to take the Tear of Bhaal easily.

With the tear in the party's possession, this area can be departed from when ready to do so.

Descend the stairs below - Test of Selfishness[]

Hell Selfish Enter

When ready, descend a long staircase down to this new area.

The party will transition and is placed on a landing, with several more steps descending to a level floor, below.

Further ahead is observed a winged Fiend. It will initiate starting dialogue with the party if any move forward.

Note that the opening dialogue exchange differs if this is the player's first test for one the Tears of Bhaal attempted. Assuming it isn't the first test, then the fiend opens with the following remark:

Hell Selfish 2
Know you, child, that there is a Tear of Bhaal in this place before us... yet there are two paths that lead to it. Two doors, two paths, yet both lead to your goal, yes? You have made many choices on the journey that was your life. Many paths have you taken, and always they have had an effect on those around you... even when that was not your intention. Such is the fate of those born with Destiny... the consequences of the actions they take ripple about them throughout all that is reality.
Perhaps the fate of others concerns you little. Perhaps it consumes your soul. That too is a choice—an action taken, a ripple set into the pond of reality.

Gorion's Ward replies:

What does all this have to do with the Tear, then?

The fiend answers and continues:
If a companion from the party is selected -

The path that you take to the Tear will affect another this day. Another who is innocent of the action you take—and yet affected by it just the same. One of those who travels with you, who orbits your destiny and yet is innocent of your taint... will do nicely. Remember, child of Bhaal, a choice must be made... and you must live with the consequences of that choice. *cackle* Go to my left and sacrifice for the innocent. Go to my right and save yourself.
Hell Selfish Innocent Conjured 1

If an innocent human is summoned forth -

''The path that you take to the Tear will affect another this day. Another who is innocent of the action you take—and yet affected by it just the same. An innocent... completely unknown to you and conjured from the realm of the Prime Material Plane, a human of... good and decent nature... hehe... will do very nicely! *cackle* Go to my left and sacrifice for the innocent. Go to my right and save yourself.

At this point, the demon disappears in a swirl of magic and the player's Journal is updated, with one of two entries, depending on if a party companion is used as an innocent, or if a random human was used as the testing subject - the text will differ slightly:

Finding Irenicus in Hell
I encountered a demon who told me that the two paths I see before me will both lead to the Tear of Bhaal... but that the path I take will affect another. It then stole away one of my companions. I suppose the path I take will have a bearing directly on my companion, and I will have to make a choice as to which way I go. But why? He says that the path to his left will require me to make a sacrifice for my companion. If I go to his right, I need not sacrifice anything.

The game script will now select a party companion or will create a human subject to serve as the "innocent" subject - a subject who will be affected by the bhaalspawns actions. The party companion will be subjected to a special Held status effect and is transported elsewhere in the area (somewhere in the fog of war).

Note: If the player is doing this adventure with a solo bhaalspawn character, then the script will create an innocent subject. If not, the party companion selected is determined by script, and is looking for Player2 in the group. The game's definition of this party member is not defined for the player and is an internal file designation. It has nothing to do with the party's formation order. This cannot be predicted exactly and is influenced by factors taken in the player's order of recruiting various companions, and whether they were permanently retained, or even temporarily removed. So, it will differ from player to player. If the game selection script can't meet the criteria needed to find the script's definition of Player2, it will substitute an innocent human subject instead, even if there are several other actual companions available in the party.

With the demon and the innocent person now removed from sight, the bhaalspawn must make a choice as to which path to take.

To the player's right which is West (also the demon's left) is the "good" path, a sacrifice must be made by the bhaalspawn.

To the player's left which is east (also the demon's right) is the "evil" path, no sacrifice need be made by the bhaalspawn.

Decide on a path and enter one of the doorways, once one is opened, the door is consumed. There are three doors to each path. If at any time the player wishes to backtrack and change from the good to evil path, that can be done as long as the third door on each path hasn't been passed yet.

The "good" path:

Hell Selfish Good 1

The first door opened shows a swirl of magic animation on the PC and a text reads: You have lost 2 Hit Points from your maximum Hit Point level. (Ref: SPIN767.spl)

The second door opens also plays a 3D visual effect on the PC and a text reads: You have lost one Dexterity point. (Ref: SPIN766.spl)

The third door is opened with another 3D effect. A text reads: You have lost experience points. (Ref: SPIN765.spl)

Hell Selfish Tear of Bhaal Good

Once the third door has been opened, the fiend addresses Gorion's Ward and says:

A selfless act, from one who willingly shoulders the burden of Destiny and its effect upon others. Your companion is returned to you, child of Bhaal. The Tear of Bhaal is yours, child.

The PC receives a Tear of Bhaal in the inventory, the fiend disappears in a flaming burst, and the player's Journal updates with:

Finding Irenicus in Hell
I have made my way through the path I chose, and the Tear of Bhaal is mine. I have been harmed dearly by my choice, but my companion is largely unharmed, gladly. This seemed to hold some significance for the demon, although I know not what.

The "evil" path:
The bhaalspawn will have three doors to open moving in a southernly direction. When the first is opened that triggers a brief view of the fiend standing next to the abducted party companion/or the innocent human victim. A 3D animation plays over the sprite and the figure loses 50% of its Hit Points.

After the second door is opened, this event repeats, however the victim takes an additional 25% Hit Point damage.

Hell Selfish Evil Innocent Death 2

Upon the third and final door being opened, the fiend utters some final words:

The consequence of your choice is thus: Your companion is destroyed, as a result of your actions if not your intent. Such is the path of Destiny, forged by those with the will to know they are preeminent. The Tear of Bhaal is yours, child.

The fiend disappears in a burst of flame, and the victim is also engulfed in a flash of fiery magic - killing the creature (with a Kill target effect, and the "chunking" Death Type designation added.). The player's Journal updates:

Finding Irenicus in Hell
I have made my way through the path I chose, and the Tear of Bhaal is mine. My companion, however, was destroyed agonizingly in the process. This seemed to have some meaning to the demon, although I know not what.

With the Tear of Bhaal now in your possession, the party may leave this area. If a party companion has been slain as a result of the Selfishness path, then it is possible to revive them with appropriate magic if the party has access to that - but only if the companion was not subjected to the "chunking" parameter. Otherwise, they will remain deceased until resurrected, or will not be revivable due to the chunking. Note that the party can return to this area if the party wishes to leave the companions gear here until later. If the companion's portrait is still present in the party formation and "greyed" out - This indicates a dead companion but revivable. The companion will not be killed if a Death Ward effect is cast upon them beforehand, but will still be held even after resting. This allows for a safer way to kill the companion and not randomly trigger the chunking effect, so that they can be resurrected.

Descend the stairs below - Test of Greed[]

Hell Greed 1

The party moves down another long staircase into the unknown depths below.

By now, this will be the fourth consecutive visit to one the Tears of Bhaal test areas.

What awaits the party in this one is yet unknown - still, the group presses forward with determination.

As the party descends, the heat from below is extreme, the sulphureous air thick with acrid smoke and ash.

At the bottom of the steps is observed yet another fiend awaiting our arrival. The demon initiates contact and speaks:

One of the Tearssss doessss lie near thisss very place. It isss in the possession of another, one with sssso much power. Sssso difficult to defeat, it isss. But all thingss, even the most powerful, can be overcome, yess? You have defeated many whose claims of power were ssso hollow. You tore them down from their thronesss...

Gorion's Ward replies:

What does that have to do with the Tear?

The fiend continues:

Ahhh, alwaysss you have used the right toolsss to defeat your foesss, yesss? And I am giving you now the right tool to defeat thisss one. Here it iss... gaze upon the sssword that is named "Blackrazor." Mosst powerful, it iss. And it iss the tool you need to defeat the one who holdss the Tear. It isss for you to decide, child of Bhaal, how to usssse the tool you have. I leave you to your choiccce, then, young <PRO_LADYLORD> of thisss place...
Hell Greed Fiend Dialogue

The player receives the Blackrazor sword, the demon transports away in a flash of magic and the player's Journal updates:

Finding Irenicus in Hell
A demon gave me a sword, "Blackrazor," saying it is the only way to defeat a powerful creature who holds the Tear of Bhaal I seek.

Move the party forward as desired, to find the so called "other' whom the demon said holds the Tear of Bhaal.

The next chamber is a sweltering cavern with much bubbling magma interspersed with stones that may be walked upon.

In the distance is a large creature, some sort of Djinni or Efreet being who initiates contact when a party member is close enough. The game script takes control at this point and moves the party members in an arrangement before the being. It opens dialogue in a pained and labored hollow rasp:

*groan* I see the ruler of this small plane has come to me. Perhaps my eternal torment shall be relieved at long last! Oh, I can only hope.

The bhaalspawn and this Enslaved Genie will now engage in a series of dialogue questions and answers. The genie is not permitted to directly answer all the questions in totality. The genie will however offer a riddle of sorts that he is forced to disclose:

"Ye who hold the razor's blade
forged of darkest iron,
quenched by blood and fear,
know that ye hold the key
to the one who guards
Bhaal's sacred murdered Tear."

After all the questions have been exhausted the bhaalspawn must make a decision about what to do. It boils down to three selections.

Hell Greed Evil Attack

- Do nothing and say "I'm not sure wat I want to do.". Initiate dialogue again later, or preemptively attack the genie.

- Give the genie the Blackrazor sword, freeing the creature from torment. Receive the Tear of Bhaal and a 20,000 XP reward. This is the "good" path.

- Tell the genie it is time to die. The creature will fight back. When it is defeated, it's freed from enslavement, and upon the ground is dropped the Tear of Bhaal. This is the "evil" path.

For details about the stats, abilities and scripted actions likely when fighting the genie, see this linked article.

Once the Tear is obtained, the party is able to transition out of this zone and back up the stairs to the main area.

Descend the stairs below - Test of Wrath[]

Hell Wrath 1

When prepared, gather the party and move below to the next Tear of Bhaal testing Area.

The party transitions below and observes a large cavern. There is no fiend waiting here, unlike previously visited test areas.

Moving cautiously forward is yet another strange chamber, with grotesque protruding "eyes" peering at and following the party's movements.

The eyes are on the floor, cavern walls and probably on the rocky ceiling. A carved or magically formed serpent's maw juts from the wall ahead, like some sort of throne or door, and standing before and facing the party is an imposing figure.

Hell Wrath 2

When within detection the figure will address the party - it is actually the deceased shade of Sarevok Anchev.

The figure booms out a remark in a familiar voice. The remark differs if this is the first test area explored by the party.

This form of Sarevok has been condemned here and addresses Gorion's Ward in a determined and arrogant manner. There is a chain of dialogue options and rebuttals available in the exchange.

Sarevok makes it clear that he'll not provide the Tear of Bhaal because the protagonist is unworthy to receive it. Only by unleashing the true power and wrath of bhaal will he give it to the party. During the dialogue, there will be insults and accusations of weakness made. The player will have to decide if the bhaalspawn will meet Sarevok's challenge and try and take the tear with unfettered wrath or refuse this notion and retain control over the taint of bhaal. Sarevok knows you have been tainted by the Lord of Murder and embodied it in the Slayer Form. He wishes you to summon that wrath here and now and embrace the true power of your dead father.

If the bhaalspawn threatens to take the tear by force, Sarevok is impressed and eagerly attacks. Likewise, if the bhaalspawn lives up to the heritage of the Lord of Murder and promises to destroy Sarevok - this also spurs on a fight. These actions are deemed the "evil" path in the test of wrath.

If the bhaalspawn refuses to succumb to the intimidation and goading from Sarevok, the shade's patience wears out and he attacks. This is the "good" path in the test of wrath.

For information regarding the stats and abilities of this version of Sarevok, see the Wraith Sarevok article.

In order to get the Tear of Bhaal here, the party has no choice but to destroy Sarevok's wraith form. If and when that occurs, the Tear will automatically be placed in the PC's inventory. Afterwards, the party is now permitted to leave and return to the starting area above.

Solve the Abyssal Door[]

To advance the questline, the party must have performed all five tests to collect the five Tears of Bhaal.

Each Tear must be placed upon the Abyssal Door (also titled the "Watcher's Door"). This can be done at any time after one is obtained. Tears can be placed one-by-one as they are collected, or all of them can be placed in one final event. It matters not.

As each tear if placed upon the door, the reward is bestowed upon the bhaalspawn by the Tear. The nature of the reward is determined by whether the Tear was obtained in a "good" or "evil" manner. An alignment shift is possible depending upon the choices made during the tests.

When the last tear is placed on the door, this triggers a script and a cutscene cinematic that opens the doorway. A violent burst of force knocks the party backwards and may put some prone on the ground. Several 3D effect animations are displayed.

Hell Final 1

Finally, Irenicus stands before the party and initiates a confrontational series of statements and promises of the bhaalspawn's demise. The party may select certain replies and even question Irenicus. All core Bioware and Beamdog companions have interjections here as well. The dialogue runs its course, and Irenicus turns hostile, morphs into a unique version of the Slayer Form and gates in a pair of Glabrezu (Shadows of Amn) and two Balor allies. After that sequence, the cutscene finishes, and the player may take control of the party to issue commands and fight back.

A final player Journal entry will display - and then all previous entries are removed from the Journal. This questline is now complete. The only task left to do is to kill Irenicus once and for all.

For more information about your foe, see the Jon Irenicus (Abyss) page.