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A Thief, Shaman, Monk and familiars can enable the Find Traps / Detect Illusion mode with a click on the relevant icon in the combat interface or by pressing F4. Unlike the Stealth and Thieving buttons, this one isn't disabled by any armor type. Once clicked, it will remain active until a different action is performed.

When active, this modal skill allows a creature to both find traps and detect illusions up to 15 feet away, based on the creature's score in each skill. This search is performed approximately once per 100 AI ticks (once per 6⅔ seconds), and the Haste effect doesn't speed it up. Besides traps and illusions, it can detect secret doors, wall panels, passageways, etc, provided they are in range.


Find / Disarm Traps[]

This skill allows a Thief, Monk and familiar to find traps, which a Thief or familiar can then disarm if skill points in find/disarm trap are high enough.

The formula for both finding and disarming traps is the same as the one to unlock containers and doors:

Skill points - 1 + 1d10 > Difficulty

Meaning that there's a chance to find or disarm starting from 8 points below difficulty, but it will only be certain success at Difficulty+1. The 1d10 roll profits from high luck.

Maximum difficulties encountered in each game: [2]

Container traps Ground traps
Detection Disarming Detection Disarming
BG:EE and SoD 91 97 90 [3] 99
BG2:EE 99 101 95 [4] 99 [5]

Detect Illusion[]

A Thief, Shaman, Dark Moon Monk and familiar may attempt to detect illusions with this skill. All effects of the illusion school (e.g. Mirror Image) will be removed on neutral and hostile creatures in range — illusory targets such as Project Image clones are simply destroyed. Skill points in Detect Illusion represent the percentage chance to remove them, so there is no need to raise it above 100.


  • There is no way to block detection, but its 15-feet range is small, similar to a Fireball centered on the user.
  • Although queueing up another action (e.g. attacking an enemy) will disable Find Traps / Detect Illusion, if an action is queued up first and then the modal is activated, it will remain active. This potentially allows enemy illusions to be dispelled in combat while the character attacks or uses abilities.
  • Dexterity or other ability scores do not influence Detect Illusion skills.
  • Enemies can spot illusions too. The combat log will display the line *attempts to detect illusions*.
  • Some enemies in Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal use this skill without any line being displayed in the logs, which can be confusing. Here is an exhaustive list:

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Mod content[]

Mods icon This is an unofficial element only available via fan-made mods.
It is not part of any official game.

Where in the unmodified game this skill cannot be blocked by the spell Non-Detection - with the Spell Revisions mod's version it will be blocked. The rogue's Find Traps / Detect Illusion skill will not reveal or remove invisibility and or stealth from a creature under the effects of a Non-Detection spell.


  1. Level 10 Wizard spells count as level 9
  2. A detection difficulty of exactly 100 means a trap can't be detected regardless of skill points. Same for disarming difficulty.
  3. There's one trap with detection difficulty 99 in the Third Subterranean Level of Durlag's Tower.
  4. There's one trap with detection difficulty 120 in Kiser Jhaeri's basement.
  5. There's one trap with disarming difficulty 110 outside of Sendai's Hideout.