Baldur's Gate Wiki

This area is technically part of Spellhold.

This chamber is where the last appearance of the Apparition (Spellhold) takes place and the previous tests culminate. This where the Final Judgement of the party shall be announced.


The party has no dialogue options here, and all the speaking is done by the Apparition.

If the party mostly adhered to the compliant and agreeable path up to this point, then the arbiter will say:

"And now comes judgment. Have your thoughts been focused by your ordeal? Have you gained clarity? Who can say? It has been quite some time since the process has been refined. Really, I do not think you were intended to survive. But I will fulfill my purpose as best I can and use your own words to judge your fate. Your will is satisfactory. You have passed what tests I had to offer. This session is now done. You are free."

And with that, the Apparition departs the area, never to be seen again.

If the party was obstinate, threatening or made some missteps (in the opinion of the arbiter) then a different statement is made to the party:

"You have failed to measure up to the standards I have applied. A final test then, to determine your worth. Defeat a creature of mind, the embodiment of control over the mental. Do this, and you shall perhaps see the light of day."

The Apparition disappears, and a Mind Flayer is transported here instead. It will attack a moment after its arrival. Once defeated, the Apparition returns and says:

"This is all I am capable of judging. You are free of this place, having conquered the madness of it. Go."

And with that, the strange arbiter departs to whence it came. The party's Journal is updated and each member receives 51,250 XP.

When ready to depart this room, exit through the transition point and move to the Spellhold Basement. The party still has to face Irenicus.




One hidden wall cavity contains a Random treasure.