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Disambiguation icon Not to be confused with the Feeblemind spell.

Feeblemindedness is a status effect that degrades a creature's intellect to the point that it becomes unable to take any initiative. Though not held, stunned or paralyzed, the victim stands there immobile, unresponsive to stimuli. In particular, player-controlled creatures can't be selected and AI stops running.

This effect also sets Intelligence to 3, however it can be altered with Opcode 19 (Stat: Intelligence Modifier) while the creature is affected by this status effect.


  • Affected player characters can receive items, but no item can be taken from their inventory which is greyed out.
  • A feebleminded creature will not fight back but it is not Helpless, meaning that physical attacks still have to go through Armor Class.
  • The game expects certain enemies to speak before dying, but they won't be able to when affected by Feeblemindedness. In some cases, that means they will be unkillable[3], locked in a Near death state until the effect is lifted — so the creature can speak their last words.
  • Dispel Magic explicitly cures Feeblemindedness on top of dispelling effects in general, meaning that it always works regardless of caster level.
  • Anything that explicitly cures the Disease effect also cures Feeblemindedness.



  1. All those wearing RINGDEMN
  2. The Heal spell cast upon discharge
  3. See MINHP1.ITM