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A Fallen Solar decided to support Amelyssan in claiming for herself all of Bhaal's divine essence. It is the last obstacle before the final brawl with her.

As it appears it brings along two Mariliths, a Succubus and an Alu-Fiend (20 Hit Dice).

It moves at uncanny speed, has access to both divine and arcane magic and wields extremely dangerous +5 bow and sword.



The arrows of a Fallen Solar deal 0 piercing damage, but they carry an extra 2d6+4 magic damage as an on-hit effect. In addition, each arrow also has an 85% chance to cause all of these effects:

On the remaining 15% chance, each arrow instead decapitates the target unless they save vs Death with a -2 penalty. All effects are level 0 and bypass Magic resistance.


Every hit of the Fallen Solar's sword deals 2d20+16 slashing damage. It has a 25% chance to decapitate the target unless they make a save vs. death with a -2 penalty.


BUG BUG: Regeneration does not work
BUG BUG: Pushing creatures aside to reach a target may or may not work  [verification needed]

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  1. When they are on its path, so it can reach its target. (Modify collision behavior)