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A Fallen Deva is an abyssal being, called forth by the Cleric/Paladin High-level class ability Summon Fallen Deva. A summoned Fallen Deva is actually "gated" and not just "summoned", and thus is not affected by banishment/destruction from a Death Spell.

Fallen Devas are competent divine spell casters and can hold their own as a melee attacker, although not as powerful as planetars. They use the same avatar as a Planetar and Solar in the basic and EE games. A Fallen Deva and a Planetar cannot be summoned at the same time; that is, if you summon a Fallen Deva, you cannot also summon a Planetar, and vice versa.


The Fallen Deva has access to the following spells:

Priest spells
Wizard spells
  • Chaos (memorized, not used by script)
Known, not memorized or used by script


The Fallen Deva is an ally of the party upon being gated in. You may select it and actively manage the creature's movements, targeting and spell casting (although the being may not respond to that very well, as its script takes precedence). If you don't want to micro-manage the celestial, its script will automatically cast some spells to aid the party, and attack detected enemies in its range. For example, by script, it may cast Remove Fear on the party without being commanded to do so. Additionally, the deva can recognize party members under some negative status effects such as Panic, Poison, and Disease and apply a cure. If the party member is Charmed or Confused can attempt a Dispel Magic (priest). When the Deva only has 25% of its original HP, it will attempt to apply a Cure Critical Wounds to self.

  • The Fallen Deva can See the invisible.
  • A Fallen Deva's undroppable item worn in the ring slot IMMUNE2.ITM provides immunity to weapons lower than +2 enchantment.
  • They regenerate 1 HP every 3 seconds via an innate power.
  • Other immunities to detrimental status effects are also innately assigned to the creature, as shown in the InfoBox.
  • The Deva's Melee Weapon has several features:
  • In the EE game version, the Deva's close quarter weapon (it looks like a mace) that strikes as a +3 Enchanted item, with a range of 1 and speed factor of 5. Upon a hit it deals 3d6+3 crushing damage (with a +7 extra crushing damage due to the Deva's Strength attribute). It also provides a +3 THAC0 bonus.
  • See the DEVA.ITM page for details of its passive and on-hit powers and abilities, including a Stun effect, potential Dispel Magic effect and extra destructive capabilities vs. the Undead.

The Fallen Deva is not scripted to appear in any game areas or through summoning from spell casting by AI controlled non-player characters or enemies. Only the player characters can introduce this creature into the game.

Mod content[]

Installation of the Spell Revisions Mod makes changes to the summoned creature from the Summon Fallen Deva High-level class ability. It brings the creature closer to the D&D 2nd Edition ruleset.

Fallen Deva (14 Hit Dice): STR 19, DEX 18, CON 18, INT 18, WIS 18, CHA 20; AL Chaotic Evil
HP 136, AC -5, THAC0 4 (1 with +3 Sword), Saving Throws 3/5/4/4/6
2 Attacks Per Round, 1d8+10 Slashing +1d8 Fire Damage (Long Sword +3)
Combat Abilities:
Bleeding Damage: 1hp/round for 5 rounds
Special Qualities:
Immune to weapons lower than +2 enchantment
Immune to level drain, death, imprisonment, maze, petrification, & poison effects
Fire & Electrical Resistance 100%; Acid Resistance 50%; Magic Resistance 70%
Slashing, Crushing, Piercing, & Missile Resistance 10%

Memorized Divine Spells:
Level 1: Doom (x3), Resist Fear (x3)
Level 2: Hold Person (x3), Find Trap, Know Opponent, Silence
Level 3: Contagion (x2), Unholy Blight (x2), Break Enchantment (x2)
Level 4: Cause Critical Wounds (x2), Poison (x2), Cloak of Fear
Level 5: Flame Strike, Greater Command, True Seeing
Level 6: Blade Barrier, Harm
Level 7: Unholy Word

This Fallen Deva creature is now a multi classed level 14/14 Fighter-Cleric. It has no Mage spells. It is equipped with different undroppable items to change its abilities and immunities. It can see invisible creatures and can't be backstabbed. It now has a casting time modifier with a +10-speed bonus, and spells will cast almost instantly. It has a movement modifier bonus of +4. It has a hidden helmet that gives it a Wings Animation and prevents critical hits. The creature gets a revised and smarter AI, and occasionally uses Divine Spells while engaged in melee or if enemies are present, automatically. The player can still control the Fallen Deva to command his spell casting as desired. As a Cleric, the Fallen Deva may be directed to Turn Undead using its appropriate button control.

The Fallen Deva is assigned a different animation than the unmodded game, looking more like a humanoid infernal angel with blood-red wings, and not the same as a Solar. See gallery below.

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