Man is the least grateful of nature's children.

Faldorn is a true neutral human druid and a potential companion.

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Background Edit

Faldorn can be considered as a dark horse for she's one of the several Shadow Druids, a druid faction that take extreme measures for protection of nature.

Baldur's Gate & Tales of the Sword CoastEdit


Faldorn is available from Chapter Four. She can be found in the third part of the Cloakwood and will join with you in bringing an end to the activities of the Iron Throne in the forest, which happens to be one of the main quests in game.


  • Ajantis disapproves of Faldorn's extreme conduct.
  • Faldorn respects Coran and enjoys his company.
  • Dynaheir shows some distaste towards Faldorn, whereas Faldorn admires Dynaheir's mastery of elemental magic and doesn't understand why the mage treats her so poorly.
  • She has serious conflicts of interest with Jaheira, as their druid factions are opposed. Jaheira's faction believes more in preserving the balance of nature through promoting harmony, while the Shadow Druids believe in taking far more drastic measures. The two argue near constantly, and Faldorn is not above insulting Khalid in order to get at Jaheira.
  • Kagain's disregard for nature in the interest of money sickens Faldorn, and she holds a strong dislike for the dwarf.
  • Khalid seems to be trying to reach an uneasy truce of sorts with Faldorn, admitting that he does appreciate her honesty but that she could stand to be more tactful in her interactions with him and Jaheira. Faldorn, however, merely sees Khalid as a weakling, and thus a perfect choice of spouse for Jaheira, who she believes to be of a similar nature.
  • Faldorn gets along very well with Kivan and approves of his deep respect for nature.
  • Faldorn gets along very well with Minsc, approves of his respect for nature, and believes he is much wiser than his companions give him credit for.
  • Tired of Quayle's yammering.
  • Tiax disgusts Faldorn.


Faldorn is the only companion who is able to cast level 5 druid spells because clerics can't reach level 9 due to the experience limit and Jaheira's multi-class separates XP into two, preventing her from using level 5 spells. She can become the best healer in game if players spend slots on Call Woodland Beings which summons a Nymph with one Mass Cure memorized, and two level 5 slots for other healing options like Cure Critical Wounds. All druids get Goodberry, which avoids overhealing by healing one point at a time, and allows a reserve of free healing items to be created.

Insect Plague, True Seeing, Iron Skins and are other great level 5 slots candidates, the first is a mage killer with no-save 100% interruption rate while the second dispels all hostile illusions and the last is a solid defensive option.

She also comes with a special Summon Dread Wolf ability.

Her standard equipment is a leather armor and a club.


When asked about her past, FALDORN states that she was the child of a Black Raven Uthgardt woman. As an infant she was given over to an enclave of Shadow Druids as an offering, and was thereafter raised according to their beliefs.
A splinter group of the main druidic order, Shadow Druids engage in very aggressive protection of nature, often relying on violence to achieve their aims. Faldorn showed great promise as she approached adulthood, and the order decided to send her to the Sword Coast to test her devotion to their ideals. Her ongoing mission is to use any means available to stop the despoiling of nature, no matter the risk or the cost to her life or any other's.


I am Faldorn. I have been looking for those who would fight for the sanctity of this forest. Initial meeting
I will not waste my life here. Morale failure
We have pleased Oak Father; I sense it. Happy
Oak Father would frown on us now. Unhappy-annoyed
I cannot stand by people of such little character. Unhappy-serious
I will have nothing more to do with your lot! Unhappy-break
I will do as best I can as your leader. Leader
*yawn* All of nature's children must rest sometime. Tired
There is much to do, and little time to waste. Bored
Ugh... I am wounded. Hurt
The sanctity of these woods must be preserved. Forest
Cities are a blight on the beauty of nature. City
Nature is all. Select1
I am one with nature. Select2
You want something? Select3
I will do that. Action1
Of course. Action2
*grunt* Action3
Why must man always despoil the Oak Father's gifts? Action4
Man is the least grateful of nature's children. Action5
Oak Father, please forgive your wayward brood. Action6
I am angry! Don't talk to me now. Action7
You are a fool, Jaheira, to think that man can live with nature and not destroy it. Interaction1
You dilute our order with your compassionate attitude.


One day, woman, you and I will settle our differences.


Jaheira, your choice of a mate suits your weakling nature.


It's time that I rid our fellowship of your unwholesome influence.


Your shallow regard for nature sickens me. Insult1
You have more wisdom than the others give you credit for. Compliment1
I am glad to adventure with one who respects our Oak Father's kingdom. Compliment2
Death is a natural end that everyone must face. To death-general
Her poisonous influence has been ended. To death-specific
I thank you. To compliment1
I... don't know why you speak to me so. To insult1
I have no quarrel with you. Please—don't create one.

To insult2

Get away, I don't wish to talk to you. Post break

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of AmnEdit

Player will meet with Faldorn during the side quest: Animal trouble in Trademeet. She has replaced the former master druid of a druid circle near Trademeet and after that, she has changed the druid circle radically, now they attack the town of Trademeet, which suffers a genie problem at the same time. After reaching the druid grove, the party can try to kill her with a ritual battle, which requires a druid in your party, or you can simply try to kill her, which will turn her followers hostile.

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