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Fadell Ironeye is a Thayan human female fighter, which leads the mercenaries at the Red Wizard Enclave, visited during the quest Neera's Hidden Refuge.

That's better. I am Fadell. I'd forget your name, so don't bother—you'll likely die soon anyway. Things are bad around here. I hope you have lodgings elsewhere—we've no more room here.


She can be led to believe it's some new recruits arriving, which turns her attention back to the bar. As mentioned in her journal found in her room at the barracks, she's disgruntled with the low pay offered by Lanneth and hazardous work, which has led to the death of several of her men. There are some Journal entries that will update:

"Disorder in the Order, Part 1 Fadell, the Red Wizards' mercenary leader, tells me "things are bad" around the enclave. Perhaps investigation or further questioning will reveal exactly how."
"Disorder in the Order, Part 1 According to the leader of the Red Wizards' mercenaries, they are "getting paid next to nothing" for the work they do. Perhaps I can use this information to my advantage."

If engaged in conversation, there is much dialogue available with some measured questions and the correct replies. The party can learn much about the Red Wizards here in Athkatla, including Lanneth, and how they ended up with this place within Waukeen's Promenade.

Fadell can either be persuaded to revolt by mentioning the names of her lost men, to which she raises a glass each time, or buying some rounds for the whole room from either Mironda or a Bartender managing the tavern, depending on if one did her quest. This leads Fadell and her men to revolt against the Red Wizards and leave the enclave. There is a journal entry update when you gain information about the fallen mercenary comrades:

"Disorder in the Order, Part 1 I've found the journal of Fadell, leader of the Red Wizards' mercenaries. It seems she's unhappy about her men's pointless deaths and has been turning to alcohol for comfort."

Though she will return at the start of the battle with Lanneth, threatening to kill her. But after learning who had a hand in killing her men at Delosar's Inn, she will simply leave Lanneth at the hands of Gorion's Ward. There will be a Journal update when She has given the order to attack the Red Wizards:

"Disorder in the Order, Part 1 With a little encouragement on my part, Fadell and her mercenaries have revolted."

In a more calculated and cynical plan, the party can get the mercenaries to revolt, and then at a certain opportune time, begin attacking them and the Red Wizards, putting the whole place to the sword. There is no reputation penalty for that action, although it is a riskier proposition. If the party attacks the mercenaries the Journal will update:

"Disorder in the Order, Part 1 I have decided to fight the mercenaries. So much for doing this the nice way."

If in battle with Fadell, she is a competent warrior with considerable skill in melee combat equipped with enchanted arms and armor. Her supposedly drunken state has only renewed her vigor.

Both the Potion of Fire Giant Strength and Oil of Speed are scripted to be used. She may consume a Potion of extra healing when her HP falls to 50%.


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