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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.
Fade NPC mod portrait

The Fade NPC mod by Mistress Elysia adds Fade, a chaotic-neutral fey'ri thief, to BG2 as a joinable NPC.

She has a few personal quests.
This is a walkthrough for that quest content.

How to get her to join[]

Start Shadows of Amn chapter 3 by siding with the Shadow Thieves.
In your first conversation with Aran Linvail in his hideout, he introduces you to Fade, who stands behind him. Talk to her afterwards to let her join your party.


Much of Fade's quest content requires that you are romancing her, so a few words about that.

Fade romances any male protagonist who is not already in another committed romance.

How to check
If you are unsure whether you are romancing Fade, use the cheat console to check the return value of the following command:
  • 1 means you are romancing her, but still in the non-exclusive flirting stage.
  • 2 means you are romancing her, and have committed to it to the exclusion of other romances.
  • 3 means you are not romancing her – either because you weren't eligible in the first place, or because you said or did something that permanently ended the romance.
Note: If you are not eligible for the romance, Fade initiates friendship talks instead, which in the beginning are very similar to the romance talks.

Fade generally initiates romance talks in intervals of 45+ minutes of real time[1] – although the talks will be delayed if you are indoors/underground, or in combat, or Fade or the protagonist are incapacitated, etc.
At certain points, you have to rest the party in order for the romance to continue.

List of romance talks  (Shadows of Amn) 

Normal romance talks, which occur strictly in this order:

# condition topic of romance talk var.[2]
1. wait 65 min why Imoen means so much to you 3
2. wait 45 min your heroic deeds in Baldur's Gate 5
3. wait 45 min Fade's race, the Fey'ri 7
4. wait 45 min your Bhalspawn heritage 9
5. wait 45 min Fade's upbringing 11
6. wait 45 min Fade doing a parlor trick 13
7. wait 45 min your restlessness when you sleep 15
8. rest outdoors Fade's burn mark, and past as a slave 17
9. wake up how Fade became a Shadow Thief 19
10. wait 45 min Fade's conflicted feelings about the Shadow Thieves 21
11. wait 45 min Fade's desire to travel 25
12. rest Fade screaming "Keita!" in her sleep 27
13. wake up Fade's dead friend Keita 29
14. wait 45 min Fade's gratefulness for you listening about Keita 31
15. wait 45 min Fade's weird feet 33
16. wait 45 min Fade singing a song 35
17. rest Fade keeping a journal; first kiss 37
18. wake up Fade's angst about the kiss 41
19. wait 45 min your previous lovers 43
20. wait 45 min Fade saying "I love you"
(→ turns it into a committed romance!)
21. wait 45 min Fade tucking a flower behind your ear 47
22. wait 45 min the rules of love 49
23. rest first sex (or not) 51
24. wake up Fade's feelings about the sex 53
25. wait 45 min why you initially let Fade join the party 55
26. wait 45 min Fade still worrying about the Pasha 57
27. wait 45 min Fade imagining how things would be if Keita had survived 59
28. wait 45 min Fade letting go of Keita's death 61
29. wait 45 min your thoughts about the future 63
30. wait 45 min Fade groping you in public 65

"Bonus" romance talks, which can happen at specific points in the game:

condition topic of bonus romance talk
rest[3] <1 day after her slavers quest helping Fade clean her wounds
rest in Underdark gnome inn the party's dangerous situation
rest[4] after 28. talk Fade getting drunk
after brother quest Fade having found true happiness[5]
List of romance talks  (Throne of Bhaal) 

Normal romance talks, which occur strictly in this order:

# condition topic of romance talk variable[6]
1. wait 40 min being on the road again w/ no chance to rest E3EXPLOVETALK=3
2. wait 45 min "If you had three wishes, what would they be?" E3EXPLOVETALK=6
3. wait 45 min Fade giving you a blowjob E3EXPLOVETALK=9
4. wait 45 min how fast your relationship grew E3EXPLOVETALK=12
5. wait 45 min what it would be like to have children E3EXPLOVETALK=15
6. wait 20 min Fade being pregnant E3BABYTALK=3
7. wait 33 min Fade's armor no longer fitting her belly E3BABYTALK=6
8. wait 33 min The baby moving for the first time E3BABYTALK=9
9. wait 33 min Fade being at peace with having the baby E3BABYTALK=12

"Bonus" romance talks, which can happen at specific points in the game:

condition topic of bonus romance talk
in Pocket Plane after talk 1 the Pocket Plane / Bhaal's taint / etc.
Wraith Gorion encountered the Wraith's vision of Keita's death
15 min after previous what the Wraith Gorion said to you
Saradush sacked the battle for Saradush / lust for bloodshed
Bhaalspawn Challenges completed drawing near the end

There are also player-initiated talks: Besides flirting etc., you can ask her to marry you once you have a suitable ring.

The following actions end the romance permanently:

  • Being rude to Fade, or rejecting her advances.
  • Committing to another companion's romance.
  • Kicking Fade out of the party when the romance is already in the committed stage.[7]

QUEST: Aran's "delicate errand"[]

Chapter: 3 Requirement: Have Fade in the party.
  • Travel to the Bridge District, enter the top-left house (marked "Mrs. Linvail's Home" on the in-game area map), and talk to Mrs. Linvail inside.
    • If you take a nibble out of the cake she offers you, you take 2 magic damage.
    • Otherwise, you can't go wrong with any dialog options here, so have fun!

QUEST: Fade abducted by slavers[]

Chapter: 3 or 6 Requirement: Be in a romance with Fade.
  • Travel with Fade to advance her romance up to the 14th romance talk (the one where she thanks you for listening to her earlier story about her dead friend Keita).
  • 24+ in-game hours after that romance talk, while you are traveling outdoors in chapter 3 or chapter 6, Mallon and two other hooded figures teleport in and kidnap Fade.
    They leave behind a "torn parchment"[8] that hints at a stronghold in the temple district.
  • Travel to the Temple District, enter the Guarded Compound, and make your way to the upper floor.
    (Unless you already cleaned this location out earlier, there will be many tough enemies to fight[9].)
  • Find Mallon(1900.1100) in the back of the second floor, guarding the door to a side-room. He explains that he is retrieving Fade for the "Pasha" who owns her slave contract.
    • OPTION: Kill Mallon.
      If you refuse to barter with Mallon, he turns hostile. Kill him for 5000 exp.
    • OPTION: Buy the slave contract[10] from Mallon.
      For 2000gp, you can buy "ownership" of Fade and get 2500 exp. Mallon then teleports away.
    • EVIL OPTION: Take a bribe from Mallon.
      He agrees to pay up to 1000gp for you to leave peacefully without Fade. You get 2500 exp and your reputation drops by 1. This ends the quest, as Mallon teleports away with Fade and you lose her forever.
  • If you killed Mallon or bought the slave contract from him, you can find Fade(1900.700) inside the side-room he was guarding. She is injured[11], bound, and traumatized. Untie and comfort her, and she rejoins your party. (Note: When she sees the body of Mallon she will attack it in a rage)
    • If you bought the contract, you can either promise you'll burn it, or give it to her so that she "owns herself" – but this has no effect on the quest or her romance.
    • EVIL OPTION: If you bought the contract and suggest to Fade you'll use her as your sex slave now, she turns hostile.
  • ADDENDUM: If you rest at an Athkatla inn or temple[3] within 24 in-game hours after Fade rejoined the party, you get a bonus romance talk[12].

QUEST: Fade's brother[]

Chapter: 6 Requirement: Be in a committed romance with Fade.
  • Start Shadows of Amn chapter 6, and (if you haven't already done so) advance Fade's romance up to the 30th romance talk (the one where she gropes you in public).
  • 2+ in-game days later[13], a "Shadow Thief Messenger" appears and orders Fade to return to her employer.
    • If you refuse, Fade leaves the party and goes there alone.
    • If you agree but then tarry, Fade reminds you after three days, and after another 3 days leaves and goes alone.
  • Return to the Athkatla Docks, and enter the storehouse just north of the shadow thieves' main guildhouse.
    Inside you meet Xek'ral, one of Fade's evil brothers. He drops a hint that more of their kin have come to Athkatla, and then he attacks. Defeat him.
    • Afterwards, Fade insists that you search for the other Fey'ri. Agree to do so[14].
    • OPTIONAL: Loot Xek'ral's body for the "Letter from Cirion", which hints at the sewers.
  • Descend into the Lower Reaches. As soon as you enter that map, you encounter Cirion – the brother who sold Fade into slavery – with his companions Savanya, Jekh'ril, Sume, Taeghen, and Eriale.
    After a short dialog, they attack. Defeat them.

QUEST: Fade abducted by Bodhi[]

Chapter: 6 Requirement: Be in a committed romance with Fade.
  • Advance Fade's romance up to at least the 20th romance talk (the one where she first says "I love you" and thus makes it a committed, exclusive romance).
  • Continue following the story-line to assault Bodhi's Lair.
    Before the final battle, Bodhi attempts to infect Fade with vampirism – but instead of dying, Fade falls into a trance.
    After the battle, pick up "Fade's Body"[16] from the floor where Bodhi stood(1500.300).
  • However, when Fade wakes up in the Temple Ruins temple, she immediately transforms into a hostile demon (that apparently posessed her during Bodhi's ritual). Defeat the demon in combat to get back Fade's Body[17] – unconscious again, and still possessed.
  • Enter the Temple of Oghma in the Athkatla Docks, and talk to the Monk there.
    • WARNING: Do not instruct the monk to cast a banishment spell on the demon spirit – if he does, Fade is banished along with it and you lose her forever!
    • Tell the monk that you'll fight the demon again, and ask how it can be killed for good. He says that you need a powerful artifact.
  • Bring the tooth to the monk, and he summons the demon so that you can fight it again. Once the demon's hit points are reduced below 10, a dialog windows pops up that lets you stab its heart with the dragon tooth. This kills it for good, and Fade rejoins the party.

More Shadows of Amn content[]


  • Fade's Amulet (protection from charm/evil/level-drain):
    Part of Fade's starting inventory, she gifts this to you when you confront Bodhi in chapter 3 if you are romancing her – and in doing so, upgrades it from the version only she can wear[19] to one that the protagonist can also wear[20].
  • Chain Mail Bikini (quest item)[21]:
    Offered by Ribald Barterman via dialog in chapter 6, if you talk to him after you slept with Fade (i.e. after her 23. romance talk).
    Buy it (100 + 1500 gp), and then initiate dialog with Fade to give it to her. It is implied that she wears it for your viewing pleasure the next time you rest, but this is not actually shown.
  • Uulia'Moor (shord sword +4, usable only by Fade)[22]:
    Sold by Ribald Barterman as part of his secret stock in chapter 6.
    If you buy it, Fade initiates dialog in which you can "give it to her" as a present.
    (It remains a normal item in the party's inventory.)


Fade has banters with the following other party members in Shadows of Amn:

Fade also chimes in during some of the protagonist's conversations with base-game characters, or initiates dialog to comment on various situations, in Shadows of Amn chapter 3 and later – especially during content relating to the Athkatla Docks and Shadow Thieves.

Throne of Bhaal content[]


You can get Fade pregnant. Whether this happens depends on your responses in the 5th ToB romance talk (the one where you discuss what it would be like to have children).

If you want Fade to ever tell you about being pregnant (rather than secretly having an abortion), you must end that romance talk with one of the following two dialog options:
  • "Fade, I can't give you any other answer to that other than this: I love you. Whether I will in 10 years' time, or 5 years' time, or a couple of months from now... I don't know. I intend to. Let's just enjoy what we have now."
  • "Do you think I haven't thought of my child having demonic traits? Of course I have! But please bear in mind you're talking to a Child of Bhaal. I think extraneous appendages should be the least of our worries. But it would be *our* child, and I would love it no matter what. Just like I love you. Unconditionally and forever."

Other responses, i.e. giving her platitudes and telling her to just not worry, are insufficient.

If you are unsure whether you picked a correct option, use the cheat console afterwards to check the return value of the following command:

"1" means she'll tell you about being pregnant; "no such variable" means she won't.


You can ask Fade to marry you by initiating dialog with her once you have a suitable ring – either the plain "Exquisite Ruby Ring", or its engraved version, or its Cespenar-upgraded version. (See the #Gifts section below for details on how to get them.)

The actual wedding, however, is being delayed until after the events of the game, and is thus not shown.


  • Marked Uulia'Moor (shord sword +5, usable only by Fade)[23]:
    Uulia'Moor (from the Shadows of Amn portion, see above) can be upgraded by Cespenar to a +5 version. He requires the "Olias-Kin Scroll"[24] dropped by Illasera.
  • pregnancy armor (not an actual item):
    Some time after Fade gets pregnant, she complains about her armor no longer fitting her. You can commission Kerrick the Smith in Amkethran for 500 gp to adjust her armor to accommodate her belly.
    This does not actually involve any in-game item – it is merely implied that whatever armor Fade is wearing, now comfortably fits her again.
  • Exquisite Ruby Ring (non-magical ring)[25]:
    Sold by Chyil in Amkethran.
    Can be used as an engagement ring for Fade.
  • Engraved Ruby Ring (non-magical ring)[26]:
    If you are in a committed romance with Fade but not engaged yet, you can commission Kerrick the Smith in Amkethran for 2000 gp to add an engraving[27] to the "Exquisite Ruby Ring".
    This engraved version can then also be used as an engagement ring for Fade.
  • Soulfire Ring (regeneration, chaotic commands, +10% fire resist.)[28]:
    The "Exquisite Ruby Ring" or "Engraved Ruby Ring" can be turned into this magical ring by Cespenar. He requires a Chaotic Commands scroll, two diamonds, and the "Soulfire Gem"[29] found in Yaga-Shura's Keep (in the bed(2500.700) in the back-most room).
    This upgraded version can still be used as an engagement ring for Fade.


Fade has banters with the following other party members in Throne of Bhaal:


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    • Fade is in the party, present, and not incapacitated.
    • You are not in combat.
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