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Faafirah is a djinni inside the Dao Djinni Tent in Tradmeet. He stands guard for Khan Zahraa, a Dao noble djinni.


Attempting to talk to Faafirah results only in a few responses.

"Heeeee... I do not speak with the lesser mortal creatures, such as yourself. I be not here by choice, indeed."

"Begone from me, mortal, lest you serve the Khan... speak to he, if you dare."

"Heeee... you will find our little rakshasi, will you? More likely you will die, mortal! Ihtafeer is a ruhk, a knight, and far too much for you!"

"We be here only as a service to our summoner, mortal! Find this rakshasi quickly, bring her head... I wish to begone!"

If this Djinn is made hostile it will begin combat with a "force cast" uninterruptible Improved Haste, Stoneskin, then attempt a Flesh to Stone. Will engage in melee after that, and possibly try a Invisibility spell cast as well.


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