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FIRERING.ITM is an undroppable Ring of Invisibility equipped to the Final mask guardian as part of Samia's Proposal which takes place in Firkraag's Maze.

Its similar, but not identical to the MAGE01.ITM.


Its single effect is Invisibility (Opcode 20), on the wearer, of type "Normal" (i.e., not Improved Invisibility). It can be removed by certain divination attack spells such as Invisibility Purge, Detect Invisibility or True Sight. The actual result of a creature wearing this ring will provide the creature with invisibility at the start of any potential conflict, without having to cast a spell or otherwise initiate some kind of ability to attain invisibility.

While this item is worn, it allows the wearer to force cast Sunfire, without breaking invisibility.

This item is removed from the creature when a specific action occurs, which exposes the being and makes it visible.