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Exaltation is an innate ability granted to a Cleric using the class kit Priest of Tyr.

The ability was added in Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition.

This spell enables a priest to aid and protect any one being other than themselves. By touch, the caster removes the effects of fear, sleep, feeblemind, unconsciousness, and intoxication, as well as berserk and confused states of mind. In addition, the recipient is protected against spells and other attacks that cause these effects for 1 turn.


The Priest receives a single use of the ability at first level experience.

Priests gain an extra use every five additional experience levels. The scaling culminates at seven uses at level 31.

This innate spell applies a cure to any creature touched by the caster - including each of the listed status effect states in the InfoBox, such as Confused or Rigid Thinking.

Additionally, the ability also removes icons from those status effects on the recipient, and any associated animations that may be assigned to the sprite.

The ability then protects the target of the spell for the duration against anymore applications of those same status effects and associated animations, icons, and string references.

While the ability is in effect, the protected character will have a "Mind Shield" icon displayed on their portrait.

This spell can be removed by a Dispel Magic or Breach effect.