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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.
Every Mod and Dog is a humorous quest mod for Shadows of Amn.


It adds a few mini-quests and encounters to existing areas of Shadows of Amn.
The modder's intention was to recapture the more light-hearted spirit of BG1.

How to start the quests[]

  • For the Love of a Troll:
    Tegenk approaches you in the west part of the Druid Grove outdoors map.
  • A Bhaalspawn's Best Friend:
    Talk to Moxen inside the Umar Inn in Imnesvale (Umar Hills).
  • A Z-rated Adventure:
    Talk to Rizza in the north-west part of the Umar Hills map.
  • Under Her Spell:
    Talk to Dorc outside Jermien's home in Imnesvale (Umar Hills), after completing Jermien's quest.

(For the non-quest encounters, see the mod's README.)

External links[]

(For the mod's main website/forum/download page, see the infobox above.)