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Evermemory is a "Ring of Wizardry" that is available in the Baldur's Gate game.


Long ago, a grand wizard from Amn was rumored to have defied Mystra's limitations on the magical arts. Legends spoke of this wizard being able to cast spells without the limitation of memorization. In the end it was found that his powers stemmed from the several magical rings that he had made for himself. His proclaimed "everlasting memory" was a hoax, though his rings continue to be one of the most sought after items in the Realms.

— Evermemory


A mage class character that equips this ring is bestowed increased level one wizard spell memory slots.

The quantity of extra slots provided is doubled. For instance, if a 4th-level Mage wears this ring it would be able to memorize 3x2 = 6 first level wizard spells.

A Specialist Mage gains an extra spell memory slot for each wizard spell level, and the Evermemory ring takes that into account as well and will double the first level spell memory slots appropriately for the Specialist mage.

Up to a maximum of 12 first level spell slots can be obtained.

In the enhanced edition, only one of these rings can be worn at once.


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