Evermemory is also known as the Ring of wizardry. In Baldur's Gate this ring allows the wearer twice as many first-level spells to be memorised, up to 12 spells. In Baldur's Gate II, the ring gives the wearer an extra level 5, 6 and 7 spell slot.

Locations Edit

It can be found beneath a tree outside the Friendly Arm Inn, at co-ordinates 2553, 3760. The tree is off to the right of the gate entrance, near the bottom edge of the map.

Another one can be gained as a drop from Sunin in the southwestern part of Baldur's Gate.


Ring of wizardry: 'Evermemory'
Long ago, a grand wizard from Amn was rumored to have defied Mystra's limitations on the magical arts. Legends spoke of this wizard being able to cast spells without the limitation of memorization. In the end it was found that his powers stemmed from the several magical rings that he had made for himself. His proclaimed "everlasting memory" was a hoax, though his rings continue to be one of the most sought after items in the Realms.

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