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The Estate of Saerk Farrahd is a large house that dominates the center of Athkatla's Bridge District during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign.

Note: Saerk Farrahd is not found within the premises any time before accepting the companion quest, Anomen Returns Home After his Sister's Death. Saerk will remain absent if Anomen never takes revenge for the death of his sister, Moira Delryn. However, once Anomen decides on revenge, it is possible to confront Saerk, along with his son in his home. The following walkthrough assumes Saerk is not yet in residence, and will remain absent. For more about the encounter with Saerk & Son, see the pages for Saerk Farrahd and Yusef



Its unconventional lock on the front door prevents entry from street level. The stairs to the right of the front door lead up to the roof where another door can be used to gain entry to an L-shaped hall.

Note: The front door can only be opened from the outside during Anomen's Companion quest if the protagonist has advised him to take revenge for his sister's death. The "key" (although not an actual inventory item) is obtained from Anomen's father, Cor Delryn.

The Guards within[]

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Inside, the door to the left leads to an outside balcony. Around the corner of the "L" a female House Guard (740.1290) is stationed between two columns.

Do nothing stupid and there'll be no problems

If the Guard sees you, she asks, "Who in the blazes are you?" Although hostile, she does not immediately attack, giving you a brief chance to leave. If you do not leave immediately, or you attack, she and the rest of the house guards will automatically attack without waiting. When she attacks, two House Guards come in behind you from the roof door to the outside stairs.

With a few exceptions, House Guards carry Chain Mail, Helmet, Long Sword, Long Bow, Arrows (×20), and some carry Arrows +1 (×10), as well as minor treasure (gold, scroll, etc).

The initial Guard is worth 1,000 XP (at no Reputation loss), and the two she summons from the outside are worth 750 XP.

Detecting traps reveals secret doors in both columns, leading to the rest of the upper floor.

The four-bed room to the northwest of the hallway has 4 chests (2 locked), an armoire and two bookshelves. The bedroom to the southeast of the hallway has 2 locked armoires. Containers in these rooms have minor random treasure.

Halt! Declare yourselves

East of the hall and bedrooms is a big central living room with a Standing Harp and Grand Piano. One male Guard hails you before saying, "What th...! You're not supposed to be here! Men!! Intruders!!" With another voice-over, "I'll test your mettle with cold steel" the battle is on. He wears Plate Mail Armor, Large Shield, Helmet and carries a Bastard Sword +1. He is worth 1,250 XP, while his men, 4 other House Guards, are equipped as mentioned above and worth 750 XP. House Guards will fire their Arrows +1 first, unless you close to melee.

East of the Living Room, to the southeast, is another Bedroom with two bookshelves, one of which contains a Potion of Invisibility and Potions of Master Thievery (×2). A small end table (1800.715) holds Elixirs of Health (×3) and Antidotes (×4)

The Safe[]

Another Secret Column Door is hidden in the corner (1700.800) and leads to a Secret Room with a trapped, locked Safe and one female Guard. This guard is worth 1,000 XP and carries the same equipment as others, including Arrows +1 (×10). Clicking on an Archway to the left (1975.415) gives you the message "This passage leads below to a small cellar of no interest."

The Safe is locked (90) and contains 1,250gp, a Star Sapphire and a Ruby Ring. The two tables to the right of the safe contain a Flail +1 and mundane weapons. Another Secret Column Door (1560.640) leads out to a storage room.

Storage Room[]

There are three containers here, all with random treasure.


The northeast part of the Living Room has a double stairway leading down to the First Floor, where two more House Guards stand ready at the bottom of the stairs. These two both have Arrows +1 (×10) each, and are worth 1,000 XP. Crossing this central room you'll find another Grand Piano and another Guard, who despite you having just killed two of his men at the stairs, hails you with the voice-over, "I trust you have no hostile intentions." Dialog auto-initiates as soon as you come into his view, saying "Excuse me, sir, but this is a private estate. I'm afraid you will have to leave immediately" with the following options:

1:- Who's estate is this?

"This is the estate of the merchant Saerk yn Muham el Farrahd, if you must know. The merchant and his family are not home at the present, so please leave at once."

2:- You're going to have to force me, because I intend on going where I like.

3:- All right, I'm going.

This guard is worth 750 XP, wears Splint Mail, and has Arrows +1 (×10). Going pass this last guard you find the front doors which allow you to exit out to street-level, but does not allow re-entry.

Besides the Guards, there is a Cook in the Kitchen and a Commoner serving in the Dining Room. Killing either of these two results in the normal Reputation Loss for Murdering an Innocent. Containers in these two rooms provide random treasure.

The southeastern room is a Library with 4 Bookshelves, one of which has a Priest Scroll Dispel Magic and a Wizard Scroll Charm Person.

The southwestern room is a Study. The Desk has a Lightning Trap and contains one Emerald.

Northwest of the Study is another Bedroom with a locked chest, a small desk and two armoires, all with random treasure.

West of the stairs is a Bunking quarters with another House Guard; "Cross blades with me and die!" He is worth 1,000 XP and carries Arrows +1 (×10). Next to the Bunks are a total of 6 chests, some of them are locked, containing random treasure.

Notable loot[]

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People involved[]

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Mod content[]

The Sword Coast Stratagems mod revises the guards in this estate with default SCS Fighter AI for smarter tactical behavior. All assigned weapon proficiencies and weapon fighting styles are updated to reflect the creature's experience level and class.