Baldur's Gate Wiki

Erinyes Charm is a quick casting Enchanter spell with the disabling secondary type. It is scripted for use by Erinyes creatures.


The she devil casts this spell, typically at the closest enemy target to herself, although it might be another as well.

If the spell exposes the target creature to a Charm Creature effect, and a Saving throw vs. Spell will negate it, but there is an 5-point penalty.

The charmed target will be hostile after the dire charm effect is ended.

This charm spell can be blocked by Magic resistance, and spells/abilities/items which provide immunity to charm. Additionally, Spell Immunity: Enchantment will block this magic.

Spell protections like Globe of Invulnerability or Spell Deflection can block this spell.

The entire spell and all its effects can be removed by Dispel Magic effects.