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Erinyes are beautiful and striking female Devils, skilled in missile fire and seduction. They are in certain areas of Watcher's Keep and some may be found in Yaga-Shura's lair. Although classified as Demonic by the game, they are in fact Baatezu devils.

Death will only be the beginning for you...


Erinyes will attempt to engage with bow and arrow fire. With their superior dexterity, Elven Court Bow clone and Enchanted Arrow bonuses to hit, they are much more likely to successfully strike with missile fire than melee. They strike twice per round by bow, and only once with their long sword. Once in melee range, the creatures are very vulnerable to being overwhelmed.

These she devils have a number of magics that can be ForceSpell cast during combat. See the InfoBox for a breakdown of those.

This devil has an assigned Racial Enemy of Human and receives a 4-point THAC0 and damage bonus versus that race.

When the creature is wounded it will apply healing spells to itself at certain thresholds, and onto allies in range. The creature may teleport out of the battle and be gone for good if severely wounded.

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Installation of the Sword Coast Stratagems Mod makes some revisions to this creature, in part to make the creature closer to the 2nd Edition D&D ruleset description.

The devil is reconfigured to a level 12/12/12 creature. The creature has some added spell immunities, some of which are to ensure that other devil's area of effect spells won't affect them by accident.

The devil no longer has healing spells and uses three innate spells to include instant cast versions of Invisibility, Unholy Blight, Teleport without error to jump around the battlefield, and frequent use of the potent Erinyes charm (if the target meets certain vulnerability criteria).

Uses Protection From Magical Weapons instead of Mantle.

Has a more adaptive AI to focus on maneuvering so to be able to avoid melee combat and use bow and arrow attacks.

The random treasure carried by the devil is replaced with an SCS random scroll item.

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