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Enslaved Genie is present when the party descends stairs leading below to the Greed (Abyss) area during Baldur's Gate II Chapter 7, part 2.

*groan* I see the ruler of this small plane has come to me. Perhaps my eternal torment shall be relieved at long last! Oh, I can only hope.

— Enslaved Genie


The Greed Fiend will direct the bhaalspawn to speak with the genie, and then the fiend will disappear from the area.

When the PC nears the genie, it will initiate dialogue. Through this conversation the tormented genie will answer questions, but only in so far as it is allowed. Some information is not permitted to be revealed.

The protagonist must decide if what to do with the sword obtained from the fiend. Use it for good and in a charitable manner, or retain it as his own possession, which is deemed the greedy path.

If the player decides to take the "evil" path and try and destroy the genie, then the creature will acknowledge this decision and fight back.

The genie (who behaves similarly to an Efreeti (Noble) and a Noble Djinni hybrid) has a wide array of arcane magic of which some is force cast, and those spells aren't interruptible. Many spells, especially those with extended casting times can potentially be interrupted.

It's possible a Gate (wizard) spell will be attempted which is interruptible.

See the InfoBox for a breakdown of scripted spell use.

The genie can also attack with its melee weapon twice per round, dealing crushing damage. The weapon is classified as non-magical and has no enchantment value.

When the genie is destroyed, it drops the necessary Tear of Bhaal the party seeks.


Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Afaaq the Djinni Companion mod adds a special interaction element during the Test of Greed. Gorion's Ward, Afaaq and the Enslaved Genie have a dialogue exchange here. By taking the "good" path, it is possible to not only free the Enslaved Genie, but to also free Afaaq as well (as long as the PC possesses Afaaq's "Soul Cage" gem obtainable during Chapter 5).

This mod bestows scripted use of three unique spells for this creature to employ including "Whirlwind" and "Air Shield". It also has a special mod version of "Conjure Air Elemental" scripted to add an ally to the genie. This works alongside SCS and SR mods as well.

Note: The Air Shield grants immunity to electricity damage, as well as high resistances to magical or missile damage. It also reduces physical melee damage somewhat. Any opponent that hits the caster in close combat while the effect is active suffers 2d8 points of electrical damage and 1d8 points of crushing and slashing damage. The shield will stay active for two turns.

The Sword Coast Stratagems makes some revisions to this creature, particularly it's spell script and AI. The mod also reorients the genie into a Noble Djinni and backs off the Efreeti design - not focusing on Fire based immunities and spells.

The creature's resistances are changed to 50% fire damage, 100% electricity damage, and 25% cold and acid resistance. The Djinni is immune to Paralyze, Webbed and Entangle effects.

The enslaved genie can Breach an opponent, and it also is scripted to use Remove Magic as well as a Time Stop. It deals offensive damage spells via lightning and various disablers via Symbol spells. Expect more staying power from this creature, with several instantly applied buffs and reapplication if those are removed/expire.

It will be able to disappear via Shadow Door and Improved Invisibility spells.

Mod gallery[]

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