Not to be confused with Barbarian Rage or Berserk.

Enrage is a class ability available to Berserkers, who get one extra use per day every 4 levels starting from the first.

Effects[edit | edit source]

The character becomes enraged for 1 turn. While enraged, the character gains a +2 bonus to his/her attack and damage rolls as well as to his/her Armor Class, and becomes immune to charm, confusion, fear, feeblemind, hold, imprisonment, level drain, maze, stun, and sleep. The character also gains 15 temporary Hit Points, which are taken away at the end of the berserk spree (possibly knocking the character unconscious).

After the effects end, the character becomes winded, suffering a -2 penalty to Armor Class, to-hit rolls, and damage rolls.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Rundown of events:

  • The Berserker casts Enrage. For 1 turn and 5 rounds, any other cast of Enrage will net a Spell ineffective line in the Combat log.
  • The Berserker receives bonuses for 1 turn and is healed by 15 HP
  • One second before the turn ends, they take 15 damage. Should they have less than 16 current HP:
    • Enhanced Editions two letters logo.pngBaldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Trilogy
      This icon indicates content from all Enhanced Editions of the Baldur's Gate games.
      They will fall unconscious for a round or so
    • Original games two letters logo.pngBaldur's Gate I & II Classic
      This icon indicates content from all original Baldur's Gate games, extensions included.
      They will die
  • The turn ends and they lose the bonuses, then receive penalties for 5 rounds
  • After 5 rounds, the penalties vanish and casting Enrage will finally work again

Notes[edit | edit source]

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