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The party will be transported to this outdoor and forested area when exiting the Elven Temple at Underdark Exit during Chapter 6.

The script that triggers this encounter area does not always actually trigger. For instance, if the party leaves the Elves area and selects a World Map location provided by a mod, then it probably won't trigger.

If the player selects the Umar Hills or Trademeet, the script is unlikely to trigger. If it fails, reload and try again, as the script is a bit buggy sometimes.

The most probable locations to successfully initiate this encounter area is Waukeen's Promenade, Athkatla Docks or the Athkatla City Gates locations.


The party enters at the bottom of the map (south). At the opposite end will be observed Drizzt Do'Urden, Wulfgar, Cattie-Brie, Bruenor and Regis.

The area script takes control of the initial presentation of the encounter with various dialogue between Drizzt and his companions - going back and forth about Bruenor's lost war hammer. During this time the player has no opportunity to interact with any of the party.

Eventually Drizzt addresses the party and dialogue options are available to reply.

The dialogue will possibly meander and can be lengthy based on the statements made by the PC. If the party wishes they can make this encounter a hostile one very quickly - or can delay that and make it hostile a little later - or they can actually be friendly or neutral in tone. If the player imported a PC from BG I and attacked Drizzt - then he may recognize the PC and start off making that accusation. If the player gave his PC the "Drizzt" name - then there is dialogue about that as well.

Some of the dialogue may seem to be leading to hostilities, but there are often some replies that can deescalate the temper a bit and steer the conversation back down to neutral. It is all up to the player to decide how they want this encounter to unfold.

If the party wishes, they may just let Drizzt and his companions carry on and they'll leave the area of their own accord. The party can ask for help against the planned confrontation with Bodhi that is necessary in the future. If Drizzt agrees to help, he and his band will meet the PC in the Lower Tombs and already be inside to assist with the vampires, during The final battle with Bodhi questline.

If Drizzt agrees to help the party, he and his group walk off the area screen and the player's journal updates:

"Drizzt Do'Urden joins the fight: I encountered the famed ranger, Drizzt Do'Urden, and several of his companions on the way back from the Forest of Tethir. I managed to get him to agree to help with my fight against Bodhi."

Some core party members have dialogue interjections during the encounter. Viconia DeVir may be noticed for being a drow, and she has some replies. Jaheira will recognize Drizzt as a Harper ally. She will also protest if the party fight Drizzt and leave the encounter for the Athkatla Docks near the Galvarey Estate entrance.

Should the party provoke or otherwise end up in a fight, then at this point the player can take control of the party characters now. At the same time, Drizzt and his companions will be quaffing potions and then moving to attack.

Drizzt's companion panther Guenhwyvar is also summoned into the fray with a "druid summon animal" style animation.

Drizzt and Bruenor will engage in melee combat, Cattie Brie will typically stay with bow fire attacks, Wulfgar will throw his hammer, if possible, but also switch to melee mode if pressed upon in close quarters.

At the beginning of the battle Cattie-Brie and Regis will most likely be under the effects of invisibility.

Drizzt will likely apply an Oil of Speed, and possibly a Potion of Stone Giant Strength. Bruenor, and the others may consume a potion as well. All of the group are scripted to try and heal themselves with a potion when damaged to at least 50% of original HP.

As the party is in chapter 6, the odds are that the player's forces will be equal or more powerful than Drizzt and company. Since they don't use spell casting, they really won't stand much of a chance in this fight. Expect a win for balanced party. Even a solo character can handle this fight most likely.


Mod content[]

Sword Coast Stratagems revises Drizzt and his companions slightly with improved AI scripting for better tactical behavior and more in-battle potion use and potion variety.

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