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The Empress card, can be drawn from the deck of many things when agreeing to play a game with Aesgareth in the Watcher's Keep Teleport Maze.

This page is to document the potential spell effects of this card when it is drawn.


When Aesgareth takes a turn in the second draw contest, there is an even chance of drawing the Empress card, or the Defiance (card).

If this card is drawn by the fiend, the cambion is affected by this spell.

The spell will display a True Seeing 3D effect animation and similar spell effects.

The cambion will now automatically be able to destroy illusionary creatures in its sight range.

Coupled with its innate See the invisible power, this spell effect grants a permanent True Seeing effect that lasts one week.

Other than the initial graphic and lighting effect when the spell takes hold, the player won't know the cambion has this extra power.

It can't be dispelled.