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Elyme is a dryad found on the first floor of Irenicus's Dungeon. She and two of her fellow dryads, Cania and Ulene, have been trapped by Jon Irenicus in the Dryad Grotto that's located between Irenicus's master bedroom and Ellesime's bedroom.

When you get near them, they will speak to you and ask you to retrieve their acorns from the duergar clan leader Ilyich and give them to the Fairy Queen in the Windspear Hills area. Doing this will free the dryads from their captivity. If you kill the dryad instead, the Fairy Queen will know about this and attack you when she sees you.

If you have already dealt with the djinn Malaaq and are searching for his flask, they will offer to give you the flask if you promise to take their acorns to the Fairy Queen.

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