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Elven Warrior is an elven male fighter class encountered in the battle for Suldanessellar, usually on the pathways and outside buildings.

Blast these golems! May the Protector spear the Exile's soul for what he has done here today!


There are a number of "Elven Warrior" creatures that will be found on the map. Some are prepositioned on the city map. Others are spawned and created by the party crossing hidden proximity triggers. For instance, you will come across a group of these warriors in battle with some trolls or a rakshasa. The game is inviting the party to join in and defeat the enemy.

The player can't control these elves, nor give them orders.

Occasionally some of the elves will show shouts and battle cries displayed on the player's text screen.

Several of the creatures share the same dialogue scripts if spoken to by a party member - just embellishment dialogue for more immersive gameplay.

The purpose of these elves is to add some realism for the story that the elves are in battle with Irenicus's forces, as they defend the city and try and stave off the various intruders.

In reality, they aren't meant to actually defeat anything in the city on their own, or somehow come to the rescue of the party. If the player wants to kill a troll, or a rakshasa, or a golem, these elves can't do it on their own. They can't even hit a golem or raksasha with their melee weapons, nor kill a troll since they have no fire or acid attack (although the Elven Battle Mage can kill a troll.

They will actually take a swing or two if they see an enemy creature.

If any of the warriors are killed, they drop a bit of equipment. Accidentally, or even on purpose, the player can kill any of these elves. There are no repercussions other than for role play reasons.

The Elven Warrior that is guarding the main gates and pathway to the Palace after the Avatar of Rillifane is awakened, and the Elven Spirit guardians of Rillifane have purged the enemy from the city streets - will some congratulatory comments about this.

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