Baldur's Gate Wiki

Elven General is an experienced elven male fighter class encountered in the battle for Suldanessellar, positioned in front of the first of two gates leading to The Palace.

No! No, go away! You... you're just another illusion, trying to trick me! I won't open the gate, I won't!


The general addresses the first detected party member in his visual range. He isn't sure if the party is real. Those shifty Rakshasas have been fooling the elves with their illusions most likely.

A discussion will begin as the player tries to convince the general that the party is here to help, and is assisting Elhan, and hunting Irenicus and things of that nature.

The party spokesperson will be able to get favorable dialogue reactions based on moderately high Charisma, Intelligence or Wisdom attributes, depending on the dialogue selections.

It isn't very difficult to get the general to believe that you are friends of the elves, and he'll unlock the gate for you.

Even if the party blunders and fails this task - the gate only has 70 difficulty to lockpick. If even that is too hard for the party to do, then try a Knock spell or try to force open the gate with strength. Failing that, you'll have to scout around and perhaps find a side path into the Palace grounds.