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Elven War Sage is a set of characters present during Elhan's questioning of the party and their purpose after emerging from the underdark in Baldur's Gate II Chapter 6 in the Elven Temple at Underdark Exit area.


While Elhan is questioning the party regarding what they were up to in the Underdark, as well as what they may know of Jon Irenicus - these two sages are assisting in divining the answers and replies to the elven commander.

The sages have an uncanny perception to discern truth and falsehood. The sages typically interject short appraisal conclusions of any answer given by the party to Elhan's line of questioning.

After the party has been assigned The Elven City Requires My Aid journal entry, the two sages are now trimmed to one (WARSAGE.cre), remaining with Elhan.

This solitary sage has additional dialogue, and some of it is pertinent to the Rhynn Lanthorn, Vampirism and other Chapter 6 topics.

A reminder that any attacks on the elves in this area will lead to a near immediate game scripted plot death for the PC - as warned by the General earlier.


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