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Upon return to the surface, Chapter 6 begins, timers of pre-chapter 4 quests, if any, start to flow again, romance will also be reactivated.


Leaving Spellhold and following Irenicus and Bodhi, I ended up in the Underdark. There I learned that the pair had contrived to steal the eggs of Adalon, a silver dragon... and had bargained them to the dark elves in return for passage and perhaps a service I am unaware of. The dragon disguised me as a drow so that I could infiltrate Ust Natha, and through her efforts and mine, I was able to survive the Underdark, learning a bit of Irenicus and his plan along the way. As near as I can figure, the actions of Irenicus nullified Adalon's influence as the guardian of an elven temple, and though the drow care little for conquest above ground, it has allowed them to deliver an insulting blow to the surface elves. The drow have now destroyed a very ancient and symbolic elven holy site, drawing a large elven force to secure the area and retaliate if necessary. Many have died on either side. Obviously, Irenicus plans to use the carnage to his advantage... but how?

— Journal Info

Note: Drow equipment will be turned into Adamantine Dust when entering the area, by AR2500.bcs script. In case the player didn't know, the game developers do not intend for the party to be able to use drow equipment on the surface world.


This outdoor area is a lightly forested setting with a few small ponds, some rocky outcroppings, and several ancient elf-tended trees. The area is an old cluster of elven temple activities, with some of the structures still standing from the recent drow assaults. Ritual circles and runes are still evident on the ground.

The elven forces have erected some semi-permanent tent structures here as well, with banners and heraldic flags fluttering atop.

On a small hillside is located the cave leading down into the Underdark. The cave is also connected to a ruined elven temple below, although damaged and no longer functional from the ravages of time and conflict. The elven forces seek to prevent the drow from pouring out into the surface to cause untold harm.

There are some areas that can be inspected on the map using the player's cursor, with text message display:

These are the tents of the elven war party. Within sit grim-faced elves. The knowledge of the cruel blasphemy of the drow drives these warriors to protect their temple at any cost.
With typical grace, this elven structure serves as the field home of Elhan while his army battles the drow.
The officers of the elven force are housed within these graceful structures. Visitors are not welcome within.
This is a barricade of living trees raised by elven wizards to keep the drow at bay.

Plot recap and entry into the Elven Temple at Underdark Exit[]

The party has managed to extricate itself from the unfriendly Underdark and made its way past the Drow gate guardians, then battling drow forces into the Cave Between Underdark and Exit from Underdark, and finally to this elven occupied surface area.

The elven warriors above will immediately surround and take control of the party when they emerge from below. The party will have to speak with a General Sovalidaas, and eventually the elven commander Elhan.

From this point on the saga continues and is described in the The Elven City Requires My Aid quest pages and sub links on that article.

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Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Sword Coast Stratagems mod revises all the elven creatures present on this map. This won't affect gameplay however, because the game plot script will terminate the player's PC if the elves here are attacked.

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