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Elven Battle Mage is an elven male mage class encountered in the battle for Suldanessellar, usually on the pathways and outside buildings.

Seek out the befoulers!


There are several of these "Elven Battle Mage" creatures that will be spawned on the map. They are created when a party member crosses a hidden proximity trigger on the area map. A few of these mages are also prepositioned on the map with Elhan at the beginning of the Chapter 7 introduction to basically act out a little scene where they are sent ahead to hunt for the enemy and cast a few buffs on themselves (they eventually disappear off the map) - just a little bit of plot animation.

The player can't control these elves, nor give them orders.

Occasionally some of the elves will show shouts and battle cries displayed on the player's text screen.

The mages have no dialogue and can't be spoken to.

The purpose of these elves is to add some realism for the story that the elves are in battle with Irenicus's forces, as they defend the city and try and stave off the various intruders.

In reality, they aren't meant to actually defeat anything in the city on their own, or somehow come to the rescue of the party. In some cases the mages will cast both real spells as well as "phony spells" to simulate magic preparations or attacks. As this theatrical animation occurs mostly versus the rakshasa enemies in the city, none of their actual attack spells can affect these creatures at all due to their immunities to spells between level 1-7.

The exception to this is that the battle mage can actually kill a troll if thy use Flame Arrow, Burning Hands or Agannazar's Scorcher - which they can do by script.

If any of the battle mages are killed, they drop no of equipment. Accidentally, or even on purpose, the player can kill any of these mages. There are no repercussions other than for role play reasons.