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Members of the Elite Guard are fighters who protect Gaal and his Cult of the Eyeless during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign. They are only found in and around the Cult Domain in The Old Tunnels.

Away with you unclean one! Sight corrupts!


  • A single instance of an Elite Guard (CltCut03.cre) is observed in a Cut-Scene executing a Cultist and then tossing the body into the Pit of the Faithless; he then leaves the game (unless slain before escaping).[1] Another instance might be observed if the Unseeing Eye appears at the top of the pit before the quest has been completed properly.[2] In this case he and two other cultists hurl themselves into the pit to escape the wrath of their "god." In virtually all other ways he is the same as the other guards (BhGuard.cre).
  • Three of a third kind of Elite Guard (BhGuard2.cre) spawn with the Elite Guard Captain in The Old Tunnels after the Unseeing Eye has been slain.[3] The only differences from the other guards is these have random treasure from the well-off tier, rather than average, and their AI scripts are more generic.
  • A fourth kind (BhGaal01.cre) appears only to suicide himself into the pit after his master Gaal is slain.[3]


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