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Elite Fire Giant is found in Yaga-Shura's Keep. Several of these Giants will attempt to crush you if you enter the Keep.


These hard-hitting creatures wield an undroppable Battle Axe (GIAFIR.ITM), which is a +3 enchanted weapon with a speed factor of 5 and a reach of 2 (same as a halberd). It gives the giant a +3 THAC0 bonus, deals 2d12 slashing damage and 1d12 fire damage on any successful strike. With the creature's axe proficiency and strength bonus it will deal an extra +13 damage and an extra +4 to hit. Note that these Giants have a penalty of -4 to hit Dwarves, Gnomes and Halflings (the "shorty" races"). The adjusted Attacks per Round (APR) for the giant is 2.5.

The Elite Fire Giant is healed by fire damage. The AI script will utilize carried potions depending on script timers and availability in the inventory. Typically, one will be consumed within 1 round of hostilities, such as the oil of speed. Healing potions are used based on incurred damage percent and situational triggers.


The Elite Fire Giant will move toward a detected enemy and quickly consume one potion from its inventory (might be the Oil of Speed, or the Potion of Invulnerability). Once in weapon range it will engage in melee combat with its special Battle Axe. Expect it to hit frequently if your only protection is Armor Class rating. Although the creature is a Berserker class, in the unmodified game it does not use the Enrage ability, as it wasn't added to the script. See Mod content below for how the creature can use its innate abilities and HLA's.

Mod content[]

Installation of the Sword Coast Stratagems Mod Improves Yaga Shura's Keep and all creature's within and without as a whole. Along with the changes, Elite Fire Giants are also improved and enhanced. The creature will use potions as with the original giant. Some mod changes are:

  • AI uses a default SCS Script for smarter tactical behavior.
  • 3 pips in Battle Axe is now assigned to weapon proficiency, boosting THAC0 and damage.
  • Gets 2 pips in Two-handed Weapon fighting style (which their axe is coded as). This increases damage, critical hit chances and weapon speed factor.
  • Protected from Web and Entangle effects and animation.
  • Protected from Paralyze effects.
  • Uses assigned Fighter Kit innate ability and High-level Fighter Class Abilities including Enrage (×2), Greater Whirlwind Attack (×2), Hardiness and Whirlwind Attack.