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Elhan is the commander of the elven defenders inside the invaded city of Suldanessellar.

It is as I feared. The madman Irenicus has unleashed his anger upon the city, and worse yet, I now recognize the magic he has employed.

— Elhan


This page is for the new creature file for Elhan as he appears in the elven city at the start of Baldur's Gate II Chapter 7.

Elhan has already used the Rhynn Lanthorn to reveal the entrance to the city from Irenicus powerful illusionary magic. Elhan entered the gate, and before doing so bade the party to follow when ready.

When the party transition from the Forest of Tethir (Shadows of Amn) to the elven city a cut scene animation plays about the invaded city - and then Elhan addresses the party with a status report and objectives.

Elhan gives orders to his "Elite War Guards" to go forth and take up positions in the city. He and remains stationed in this area to receive any elves in the city who are shepherded here for safety, protection and healing.

It is the party's job to venture within and help the various elves still fighting in the city to defeat Irenicus's invaders. Elhan says it is a priority to ensure any remaining civilian elves are not killed during the carnage.

He also makes it clear that finding queen Ellesime is necessary in order to plan a way to defeat Irenicus. She'll know what to do.

During various stages of the player's progress, the party can visit Elhan and get his reaction, commentary and maybe even advice or words of encouragement.


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