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For the version of the tavern in Baldur's Gate, see Elfsong Tavern.

The Elfsong Tavern is an inn in Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear.


The street in between this establishment and Sorcerous Sundries (SoD) is thronged with refugees as well as residents. An unwary person might be surprised by pickpockets or be part of an altercation between guards and newcomers, or stop to use the financial services of Senna.

Ground floor[]

The inn's bartender provides drinks but no other services and the bard Garrick alternates between attempts to sing and woo the tavern's uninterested owner, "Lady" Alyth Elendara.

Those with the right enhanced vision may see the outline of Al-Alai the elemental, who will not be pleased to be disturbed.

In the back room, Irina worries over the depletion of their ruby wine stock and awaits a hero to save them.

Second Floor[]

Passing up the steps, Gorion's Ward will be just in time to watch the end of a lover's spat between Coran and Safana, of which he will beg off any offer of companionship and she gladly accept.

In a dark storeroom lies a locked chest full of recently arrived supplies.

Notable occupants[]

  • Al-Alai - Angry elemental.
  • Coran - Safana's (former?) lover.
  • Garrick - Besotted bard.
  • Irina - Inn supplier and wine lover.
  • "Lady" Alyth Elendara - Owner.
  • Zaviak - What do you mean this isn't Waterdeep?

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