Elander's Gloves of Misplacement, also known as the Gauntlets of Fumbling, are a cursed pair of gauntlets which give penalties to related to dexterity and accuracy by giving penalties to THAC0 of -10 and -2 to dexterity. These gauntlets can only be removed with the Remove Curse spell or using the services of priests in their temples. These gauntlets can be found when the party kills Bassilus in an area close to Beregost.

Description[edit | edit source]

Gauntlets of Fumbling: Elander's Gloves of Misplacement

With mischief in mind, the impetuous Elander set out to craft these cursed gauntlets to best a rival. It turns out his malice got the best of him, when he mistook these gloves for another pair.

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