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Elanda is a bar wench in Delosar's Inn in Athkatla's Bridge District.

Elanda doesn't have much to say to the protagonist, or to anyone else, unless Haer'Dalis is in the party, in which case, she cuts loose on him.

"Oh! Oh, no... I remember you! You with the fast hands and the promises! Where have YOU been for the last month, hmm?

Haer'Dalis- Oh, ah... Elanda. Aye, well, you see, my sunflower, it is not what you think, truly...

"What? Wait, don't tell me. You've been held hostage by a wizard, and he wouldn't let you out or even write a letter?!"

Haer'Dalis- Well, actually...

"That's it! We are through! Begone from my sight, cur!"

Haer'Dalis- (sigh) 'Tis the way of all things, I suppose. Fare thee well, my little sunflower.