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An Efreeti is a malevolent Genie from the Elemental Plane of Fire. It has several fire-based abilities, and will use its melee weapon, making it a potentially dangerous opponent if unprotected from fire, or a party member that is likely to get struck by melee attacks.


The Efreeti is a hostile creature who is likely to attack with fire-based spells and its own melee attack. It can also turn invisible and may do so even while under its Red Fireshield. In the unmodded game, the Efreeti noble has a very simple AI script, that really only accounts for a few offensive and defensive options. It will cast Fireball, Flame Arrow and Flame Strike. It will cast Fireshield (Red) and Invisibility on self in between spell casts. The creature will be able to heal itself if exposed to fire damage. Its own Fireball could return some lost hit points if in the Area of Effect. It will also attack with its melee weapon. The creature really does not do anything else and has no ability to recognize if a party member is protected from fire or melee attacks. It is very limited in its tactics, and not too adaptable. The creature has no real defense against melee attacks and magic attacks.

This creature's melee attack weapon is an ordinary Scimitar. It can inflict 1d8 slashing damage, and additional strength modifier damage applies. The game gave the creature 2 pips proficiency with blunt weapons, and nothing else, so that will not apply to the scimitar.

Summoned Efreeti[]

These type of efreeti will most likely only be encountered if a hostile mage casts a Summon Efreeti spell, or if the party does.

While some efreet may have traveled to the Prime Material Plane themselves, or have been brought by other means (such as extra-planar portals), they may also be summoned; either by a Wizard casting the 7th level spell Summon Efreeti [4] or by anyone capable of utilizing an Efreeti Bottle.[3] For summons, gender is "Summoned" rather than Neither.


Efreet summoned by spell do more melee damage than those traveling the planes themselves (3d8 (crushing) +8 (str), but have higher saving throws, possibly because they are more vulnerable, having only a partial/temporary presence in the prime plane. In all other ways they are virtually identical to non-summoned efreet. This one has legs, the same as non-summoned, because they are not tied to a magical item. A summoned Efreeti from a hostile mage will behave according to the creature's script, which is the same one as the unsummoned efreeti. It will use the same spells. It will have a different melee attack.

A party summoned efreeti from the wizard spell will be a controlled creature. You will need to direct it and move it and select which spells to cast, and what to target. The selectable spells available are:
Magic Missile (×2)
Agannazar's Scorcher
Melf's Acid Arrow
Stinking Cloud
Ghost Armor
Lightning Bolt

These spells are different than what the AI scripted efreet get access to.

Efreeti Bottle[]

The Efreeti Bottle contains yet another version [5] that is higher in level (10 instead of 5), but has the same 80 hit points. This one inflicts less melee damage (2d8 instead of 3d8), and does not have the spells Fireshield (Red), Fireball and Invisibility. It shares the same saving throws as one summoned by spell.[4] This version does not have legs, but rather hovers in midair, its lower body trailing off into the infinity point, as if it is being sucked back down into its bottle.

The Efreeti Bottle summoned creature is under your will, and a controlled creature. You will need to direct it and move it and select which spells to cast, and what to target. The selectable spells available are:
Magic Missile (×2)
Agannazar's Scorcher
Melf's Acid Arrow
Stinking Cloud
Ghost Armor
Lightning Bolt
Flame Strike
Flame Arrow

Efreeti bottle creature[]


Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Sword Coast Stratagems revises the Efreeti. it does this by implementing the "Smarter Genie" component. From the Mod's Readme:

Smarter Genies (BG2, BG2EE, BGT, EET)

This component improves the various genies (djinni, efreet, and the like) in BG2. Mostly this is done by improving their scripts and systematising the rather chaotic list of spells and abilities that different genies get (in the original game, if you charmed a genie you'd see that it had a totally different list of spells from the ones it was actually using!) However, the component also changes summoned genies so that they count as "Gated" rather than "Summoned"; the practical consequence of this is that they are immune to Death Spell. This makes genie-summoning rather more useful.

This component is sensitive to the difficulty setting:

BASIC: Genies will attack fairly unintelligently, and mostly do not use their invisibility or protective powers.
IMPROVED: Genies attack intelligently and use all of their magical powers.
TACTICAL: Genies can use their magical powers instantly and without risk of spell failure.
HARDCORE and above: Genies receive a modest (+50%) boost to their hit points.

The summoned Efreeti have some revised powers and abilities. The 5 Hit Dice version is not used (no Efreeti has 5 HD in D&D) and the 10 HD version is also changed. The wizard spell summoned Efreeti and the Efreeti Bottle summoned Efreeti are now mostly identical. Only the melee weapons differ. The AI scripts and abilities/spells/statistics are the same. They are now both 12 Hit Dice Creatures with level 12/12 Mage/Cleric spell casting levels. By script they cast wizard and priest spells (sometimes instantly depending on game difficulty selection). The creature will turn into mist form (and it is impervious to damage while in that form) and rapidly regenerate hit points when damaged over 50%. Careful timing and delivered damage can overcome the mist regeneration phase - if it isn't done correctly, the creature can take a long time to kill, as it is constantly going into mist form, regenerating, and then reforming etc.

The spells available to the Efreeti are slightly different than the base game. The SCS AI is very smart and detailed, and all memorized spells can be cast. The creature responds to the party's protections in an intelligent manner. The Efreeti is healed by fire damage.
Magic Missile (×3)
Invisibility (×3)
Fireball (×2)
Flame Arrow (×2)
Flame Strike (×1)

Additionally, SCS Efreeti can apply, at will and as many times as they wish an innate Fireshield (Red). If dispelled or breached, it will just be renewed seconds later.

Up to three times per battle the Efreeti can turn into gaseous form (which is immune to damage) and regenerate rapidly, then reform fully healed.

With the installation of the Spell Revisions mod, all of Efreeti's memorized spells will be the SR version.

Also with SR, the Summon Efreeti wizard spell is changed. That revised spell summons a completely different version of a gated Efreeti. See the link for description of the spell and creature. Note that if SCS and SR are both installed, the SR Efreeti version is the one that appears, but it has the SCS AI assigned to it. Both mods work together by design.

Installation of Afaaq the Djinni Companion mod introduced its own mod-only Efreeti, that are also different than displayed on this page, generally with more spells available with a variety of 1st through 7th level Wizard spells memorized. These various Efreeti have dialogue and are part of the story/challenge/questline.

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