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Greetings. I am Edwin Odesseiron. You simians may refer to me merely as "sir" if you prefer a less... syllable-intensive workout.

Edwin Odesseiron is a lawful evil human Conjurer and a potential companion in BGIlogoonlyBaldur's Gate I
Classic & Enhanced

This icon indicates content from all games of the 1st Baldur's Gate instalment – all editions and expansions. This may include The Black Pits.
and BGIIlogoonlyBaldur's Gate II
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This icon indicates content from all games of the 2nd Baldur's Gate instalment – all editions and expansions. This may include The Black Pits II.

Baldur's Gate & Tales of the Sword Coast[]


Edwin is available to recruit from Chapter Two. You can acquire him on a bridge at Nashkel near the Belching Dragon Tavern. He asks you to help him find and kill the witch Dynaheir, another potential companion. Normally it isn't possible to have both Edwin and Dynaheir in the same party because the player character has to choose a side between Edwin or Dynaheir & Minsc, if the party brought him as well. A workaround for this problem is that the party can acquire Edwin after saving Dynaheir from the Gnoll Stronghold. At this point there'll be an option to take him along and Edwin says he will keep an eye on her.


  • Edwin and Dynaheir – Edwin will remind Gorion's Ward if the task isn't completed within ten days from his joining, and leave the party when another six days have passed without results.
  • Rescuing Dynaheir – Edwin will want to kill Dynaheir upon rescuing.


  • As he does with all evil party members, Ajantis will eventually attack Edwin if the two are on the same party for too long, though you can stop him by selecting him and giving him another command before he lands the first blow. Having Xan on the party will also prevent Ajantis from attacking Edwin.
  • Alora and Edwin, surprisingly, develop a close friendship. It is one of the more involved, dialogue-intensive relationships in the game, and it is absolutely adorable.
  • Branwen dislikes Edwin and feels that he is devoid of any redeeming qualities.
  • Edwin's mission involves killing Dynaheir, so it's no surprise that the two don't exactly mesh well. The only way to get the two on the same party involves rescuing Dynaheir before recruiting Edwin, because if it's done the other way around, Edwin will attempt to carry out his mission as soon as Dynaheir is found. The two hate each other, will constantly bicker at each other, and will eventually fight each other to the death. Surprisingly, if the two are in the party together, Edwin will not attack her - when things come to blows, the initial aggressor is always Dynaheir (though Edwin definitely goads her into attacking).
  • Eldoth thinks Edwin is terribly dull, and makes sure he knows it. Edwin, of course, cannot let this slight to his ego go unanswered, and will constantly sling verbal abuse at Eldoth in return.
  • Jaheira dislikes and distrusts Edwin.
  • Khalid is uncomfortable around Edwin, and will question his actions, but tries to avoid being too confrontational about it. Edwin makes no such efforts, and verbally abuses Khalid on a regular basis.
  • Minsc distrusts Edwin, and for good reason - Edwin is trying to kill his witch, after all! In addition to expressing his disapproval of the Red Wizard, Minsc will also step in when Edwin's arguments with Dynaheir get too heated, and get all overprotective. If Dynaheir fights Edwin, Minsc will join the battle on her side.
  • Neera can't be in the same team as Edwin. Neera and Red Wizards don't exactly mix.
  • Safana thinks very little of Edwin and will try to boss him around.
  • Viconia will also try to boss Edwin around.
  • Xan harbors an intense distrust of Edwin, but will still step in on his fellow wizard's behalf if Ajantis starts with the whole "all evil must be purged" schtick, and will defuse the situation before it becomes violent.
  • Yeslick disapproves of Edwin's enormous ego.


In BG1 his family amulet which can't be removed gives him an additional spell per spell level in addition to his conjurer specialization which gives him another spell per level with the penalty of not getting divination spells, the increased XP cap of TotSC lets him cast up to three level 5 spells. He has the second highest intelligence among other companions. His constitution score of 16 grants him an additional adjustment of + 2 hp per level which is the maximum for non-warrior classes. He is one of the best wizard companions in game, rivaled only by Baeloth.

A trick to use him is to equip him with two Rings of Wizardry so he's capable of casting 20 magic missiles per day at level 9. This however, is not possible in enhanced edition of the game because you can only wear one Ring of Wizardry.

  • InBGEElogoglowlogoonlyBaldur's Gate I & II: Enhanced Editions
    This icon indicates content from all Enhanced Editions of the Baldur's Gate games. May situationally encompass Siege of Dragonspear and The Black Pits I & II content as well.
    , companions who are under-leveled at the time of joining will be given a certain amount of experience points (XP) for you to manually level them up to gain more control of their status.
Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition - Recruitment
Average party level Level XP Gold Hit Points Weapon Proficiencies Equipment spells_abilities
1.00 - 1.99 1 342 39 6 (Max possible:4+2)
  • Quarterstaff +
2.00 - 2.99 2 2819 63 10 (Max possible:8+4)
3.00 - 4.99 4 10984 81 17 (Max possible:16+8)
5.00+ 6 41752 102 27 (Max possible:24+12)
  • Dagger +
  • Quarterstaff +


When asked about his past, EDWIN sneers that he has no intention of revealing such information and that it is none of your business. He further states that you are lucky enough to simply share his company, and then mutters something about leaving whenever he wishes. He obviously cares little for the camaraderie of others, and seems to take more pleasure in speaking to himself than in interacting with the party.
His attire brazenly displays the colors of the Red Wizards of Thay, though why a member of that organization would come so far west is puzzling. Edwin does not seem forthcoming with any information.


Go no further! I require the services of your group. (Yes, they will do nicely.) Initial meeting
Enough of this! Let these fools lose their own lives! Morale failure
A rare display of intelligence, undoubtedly fleeting. Happy
I thought I could think no less of this group, but with THIS behavior... Unhappy-annoyed
I can stand no more. This idiocy must stop, or I will be forced to take my leave. Unhappy-serious
Our deal is void. I cannot stand your continued waste of resources. We are at odds forevermore! Unhappy-break
They finally realize my true place! Leader
I'll not keep this pace without a rest soon. Tired
Inactive outward, inactive inward. Why do I suffer these fools? Bored
Your worthless lives end here! Battlecry1
Strange, I... do not feel so well. Hurt
Again you disturb me! Select1
You are so irritating. Select2
WHAT is it NOW?! Select3
My actions are yours. Action1
As directed, for now. Action2
If I must. Action3
I do not understand this "mouse magic" that makes me do your bidding! Action4
Elminster this, Elminster that. Give ME two thousand years and a pointy hat and I'll kick his arse! Action5
Please don't disturb me while I plot to overthrow you! Action6
They continue under the delusion that I care at all. Action7
This witch deceives you with her lies! I tell you she is evil! Interaction1
There is no protection if you goad me further, witch!


Her power is nothing without the will to use it! Step from behind your excuses and let us end this here!


'Tis welcome you find no fault with one such as I.


Her company is refreshing, but I am surprised I find it so.


This group be a damn sight better off without you! Insult1
Must you crowd so close? 'Tis bad enough I must walk with you chimps.


Typical response; I wonder if they will prove useful at all.


Pawn discarded. I'll have to find another group if this keeps up. To death-general
Checkmate! At last, the witch dies! To death-specific
Your words please, though I know not their motive. To compliment1
Watch your words when addressing me, lest they be fed to you on the end of my boot! To insult1

Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear[]


Edwin is available from Chapter 8. You'll see him storming east of the army camp at Coast Way Crossing, angrily mumbling about Caelar, you can convince him to join the party once he sees that you share the same goal.

Related quests[]

Edwin wants you to kill Vichand, a fellow red wizard of Thay who joined the crusade. Vichand can be found in crusader camp at Boareskyr Bridge, kill him before the end of Chapter 9 and after a Rest Edwin will reward you with a Robe of Red Flames, which can be imported intoShadows of Amn LOGOSOA00001 Icon BG2EEBaldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition – Shadows of Amn (2013)
This icon indicates content from the Shadows of Amn campaign of the Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition.


  • Dynaheir - They can't be in the same party
  • Minsc - They can't be in the same party
  • Neera - She will ask Gorion's ward to choose between she and him, she can be persuaded to stay with suitable condition (Romance & Charisma (?))


When asked about his past, Edwin mutters darkly that you already know more than is good for you. Edwin mutters quite often to himself, apparently preferring his own conversation to that of others. Despite his eccentricities, Edwin is a powerful and intelligent mage, as evidenced by his membership in the Red Wizards of Thay. Edwin grudgingly admits that he and several other Red Wizards were on a journey when they were waylaid and pressed into service by Caelar's crusade. Two of his allies joined the crusade, and a third was slain. Edwin escaped, vowing vengeance on Caelar. He frequently refers to the Shining Lady as "witch," an obvious slur given that the Red Wizards' hated enemies include the Witches of Rashemen.


I'll not die for your incompetence! Morale failure
Perhaps there is some intelligence in you after all. Happy
You are so IRRITATING. Unhappy-annoyed
Could my opinion of this group drop any lower? Unhappy-serious
You no longer serve my needs. In fact, I find you despicable. I won't spend another moment in your company. Unhappy-break
It's time you monkeys realize who's in charge. Leader
I can't walk FOREVER. By the gods, let us rest! Tired
Inactive outward, inactive inward. Bored
Your worthless lives end here! Battlecry1
You can do nothing but die! Battlecry2
My magical might will end you! Battlecry3
Die, monkeys! Battlecry4
Now you fall! Battlecry5
OW! Damage
I could use some help! Hurt
Don't take... any of my... stuff. Dying
I find the great outdoors chaotic and dirty. Forest
All these people, all in one place, and none of them interesting whatsoever. City
Someday, I'd like to have a dungeon of my own. Fill it with deadly traps and monsters and lock all my treasure away where none can ever find it. Hehehehe. Dungeon
Another day, more aimless stumbling about. Day
All the fun creatures come out to play in the dark. Night
You. Again. Select1
What is it NOW? Select2
Yes? Select3
Hm? Select4




Yes, yes, I see. Action1
If I must. Action2
Tedious monkey-work. Action3
What, what, what, what, WHAT? Action4
So. Tired. Of. You. Action5
Zap! Kapow! Pew, pew, pew! Pew, pew! Action6
What do you want? Why do you keep touching me? Action7
Better a monkey than my magnificent self. To death-general
FINALLY. Did anyone else find him SO. TIRESOME? To death-specific
Ha HA! Critical hit
Drat. Missed. Critical miss
I'm doing absolutely no good here. Try something else! Target immune
You want ME to carry that? No. Can't do it. It's dropped. Inventory full
Mine now! Picked pocket
Sneaky, sneaky me. Hidden in shadows
MY SPELL! Spell disrupted
I've set a trap. Try to keep your clumsy feet out of it. Set a trap


Eh? What is this? Where did you come from? (Careful, Odesseiron. You can trust no one...)
You will regret this decision. (And when you come crawling back to me, begging Odesseiron to save you, I shall look down and whisper... no.)
Quite the opposite. The wise seek to curry the favor of the powerful.
It is not often that an Odesserion gives thanks to an ally, but you were instrumental in helping me achieve my revenge. (Not instrumental, that's TOO important. Utilitarian, perhaps.)

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn & Throne of Bhaal[]


Edwin is available from Chapter 2. He can be recruited in Mae'var's Guildhall during Find proof of Mae'var's Treachery, which potentially leads to obtaining the thief stronghold. If you "underestimate his importance", he offers the choice to be right where you left him or at the Copper Coronet.

In Enhanced Edition he will be level 9, Trained in Dagger and Quarterstaff.



  • Minsc - Conflicts
  • Valygar Corthala - Conflicts (the script for a fight is present in the game's code, but the related dialogue lacks the trigger, which means Edwin and Valygar won't actually fight)
  • Keldorn Firecam - Conflicts if they stand very close from each other
  • Neera - They can't be in the same party


His family amulet now gives him two additional spells per level instead of one in BG1, the total bonus for him would be three extra spells per spell level as he's also a conjurer. His intelligence score of 18 allows him to scribe level 9 spells without an intelligence modification. His main drawback is not accessing to divination spells which is a minor issue for the game offers plenty of other ways of casting True Sight. Another drawback is that his amulet, while powerful, prevents him from wearing the Amulet of Power, making him unable to benefit from the maximum casting time reduction of 5 by stacking it with the Robe of Vecna, although many players consider this to be worth the price.

Considering the overall power of the mage spell pool, especially some "law-defining" spells like Improved Alacrity, Time Stop, Chain Contingency, Project Image, Improved Haste, Protection From Magical Weapons, his unique +3 spells/level pushes him to a much higher ground once high level spell slots are unlocked while others are inevitably restricted by the limited numbers of castings.

On top of all that, Edwin gets a -1 bonus to his saving throws after obtaining the Nether Scroll in his personal quest.


When asked about how he came to be in the employ of the Shadow Thieves, EDWIN sneers that it is none of your business. In his opinion, you are lucky enough to have encountered him at all, and further inquiries beyond this initial boon will only serve to tempt the fates. Despite his obstinate nature, there is a hint that his present circumstance is not all that favorable, and his willingness to join with you contradicts his supposed distaste for the company of others. Edwin ignores speculation about his recent past, but he does appear to have placed less emphasis on the Red Wizard colors he has so brazenly displayed in the past. It is an understandable act for a wizard traveler in mage-fearing Amn.


Main article: Edwin_Odesseiron/Quotes
I'll not die to incompetence! Morale failure
I had not thought this group capable of pleasing me, but I am impressed. Happy
Could my opinion of this group drop ANY lower? Evidently so. Unhappy-annoyed
I warn you, I cannot abide this charity. It is not to my tastes at all. Unhappy-serious
No, I do not feel this is working out. You waste opportunity after opportunity. I will stand no more. Unhappy-break
It is about time you monkeys realized who should be leader. Leader
I require rest. I demand we stop. Tired
Inactive outward, inactive inward. Why do I suffer these fools? Bored
Your worthless lives end here! Battlecry1
Cry for your lives; they are over! Battlecry2
You can do nothing but die! Battlecry3
I could use some help here, fools. Hurt
I find the "great outdoors" chaotic and dirty. It needs a shaping will to slap the beasts into proper order. Forest
The city changes, but the fools within are always the same. City
Could we not have hired some poor fools to do this for us? This is no place for a man of my stature. Dungeon
Another day and more aimless stumbling about. Day
Intelligent peoples do not wander around looking for trouble in the evening hours. Night
Yes? Select1
What is it now?! Select2
Go bother someone else. Select3
I'm busy, okay? I'm busy! Select4
Have you nothing else to do but bother me?


Ye-es, master, what shall I fetch now?


Oh, all right! Action1
Yes, yes, I see. Action2
One day... one day... Action3
If I must. Action4
Tedious monkey-work. Action5
A waste of my talents. Action6
Fine, fine, just stop pestering me. Action7
Very well. Select rare1
"Edwin, do this." "Edwin, do that." Somebody get this jerk a banana.

Select rare2

Ha! Fear me! Critical hit
Bah! Useless weapon! Critical miss
Pfeh. This weapon is worthless! Target immune
I will carry no more. Find your trinket upon the ground. Inventory full
The fool saw nothing. Such simple larceny. Picked pocket
I am concealed, though I see no need. Hidden in shadows
My spell disrupted?! Augh! Spell disrupted
I prefer to attack more directly, but a trap will do for now. Set a trap
I'll not die like this! Not like this! Morale failure
This is all well and good, but could we get back to fixing my little problem now? Happy
You are doing nothing for my morale, you know. Wasteful behavior and leaving me like this. Unhappy-annoyed
Yes, yes, you are all a bunch of goodie two-shoes, and yet I am left like this! Unhappy-serious
I can see I'm going to get no help from the likes of *you*. I shall find my own cure. Unhappy-break
Do not patronize me! I am in no shape to lead. Leader
I tire of walking, I tire of talking, and I tire of this laughable body. I wish to rest now. Tired
Every moment idle is another moment I brood in this despicable form. Let's get moving! Bored
Your worthless lives end here! Battlecry1
A death for every second I am in this form! Battlecry2
I feel your stares! Die! Die! Battlecry3
If I must wear this form, the least you could do is keep it in good health! Hurt
This place is less constricting than the city, though I no more wish the company of nature than people. Forest
I feel the stares of each and every person here. They mock me with their eyes. City
Another dank hole with which to improve my mood. Joy. Dungeon
I would see as few days in this form as possible. Day
I would rather spend my nights dreaming of being normal again. Night
Leave me be! Select1
What is it now?! Select2
I will tolerate only so much! Select3
If I must! Action1
Oh, labor will help. Action2
A waste of my talents! Action3
Stop looking at me! Action4
Very well. Action5
If I must live like this, your life shall be as much a hell as mine. Action6
Even hand to hand, I am dangerous. Critical hit
My talents are wasted on physical blows! Critical miss
My spells would serve better; this weapon is useless. Target immune
I'll be no packhorse! Pick up your garbage where I dropped it! Inventory full
I have succeeded, but I despise being reduced to this. Picked pocket
I am hidden, though I still see this ridiculous form myself. Hidden in shadows
Do the outrages never end? My spell has failed! Spell disrupted
I have set your trap, but my wrath prefers direct combat. Set a trap


Greetings. I am Edwin Odesseiron. You simians may refer to me merely as "sir" if you prefer a less... syllable-intensive workout.
Well, you have surpassed the exceedingly low expectations I had of you. You now have the trust of Mae'Var securely in hand and have proven your competence to me once more (though just barely).
This is it. This must be it. This has to be it! The just and unjust alike will all fear the overwhelming power of Edwin Odesseiron and his Nether Scroll!
Hmmm... Another revelation in my... er... our Nether Scroll. A spell of transformation, both basic and sophisticated. It is not unlike the transformation of mage to lich... but it must be more... much more...
This is bad.
What?! How dare you, scoundrel! Gawking at my mantle! (Hey, they aren't that bad, come to think of it... wait a moment. What happened to my... oh no. No. NO!)
Psst... Aerie! You are a wizard and a healer! Can you not peel this wretched skin? (She has driven me to it; I will debase myself if I must.) Please, Aerie, I am... on my knees!
I will not be scrutinized for the sake of your rodent! Mind your own concerns, you stone-headed oaf!
What?! Why do you stare at me so, barbarian?!
No, my dear little wench, I will spend no more time in this body than I must. You think me a fool?
And exactly WHAT is wrong with my "manner"?
I will not suffer your taunts, woman! You know well I despise this form!
And you would suggest this based upon what?! As a CONSTANTLY pontificating servant of nature, you must know my transformation was unnatural!
Why do you stare so, Cernd? No doubt you are to laugh at my predicament, so get it over with!
What?! What are you getting at?! I know you are talking about me, so speak it plain!
(Thank the gods he is not a better poet. This is one tale we would rather not see immortalized in print!)
(My condition draws fools like flies to honey). Silence, you idiot! You've a death wish that is larger than your swollen head.
Silence, you fool! Chauvinist pig! (What am I saying?) I mean to say, "Idiot!"
What? Here?! I hope this is important, you insufferable monkey! I was in the middle of a very important transaction! (And to think I had the wench bargained down to 3 gold for the night! Bah!)
Well, certainly! There is sooo much to keep a great magus such as myself busy here. Look! A rock! How fascinating!
You have regained your senses and finally recognized my indispensability. This is good! This is good... (Another hour of standing about, I swear, and poof! Fireball!)


Main article: Achievements
The Nether Scroll Achievement icon BG2EE

The Nether Scroll[]

Help Edwin track down the Nether Scroll.


  • According to BG2:EE dialogue with Rasaad, Edwin keeps his hood on at all times because he has trouble properly shaving his head in the Thayan fashion. This is unusual enough for Neera to call him a "non-bald Thay".


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Portrait from Unfinished Business (Baldur's Gate II)

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